What is Public Event Security?

Public events – weddings, festivals, concerts, fundraisers, conventions – are a heap of fun, when they operate smoothly. There’s are countless preparations to be done to ensure gatherings are successful, though public event security is one that you cannot afford to ignore. What is Public Event Security? Public event security comprises of numerous types of […]

Major Advantages of Mobile Patrol Security

Whether your business needs security is typically a quick debate. However, the extent to which you need security, and which types to pick, takes a little longer. What’s the difference between security guards and officers? Do I need K9 security dogs? Most importantly, is static security or mobile patrol better for business? We’ve got you […]

What is Labour Hire Licensing?

As working practices evolve, there is a growing focus on the protection of workers from exploitation. In recent years, the Australian governments have become particularly attentive to the labour hire sector. With stories of inadequate health and safety standards, worker rights issues, and unethical company behaviours, a change was soon to come. Thus came the […]

What is the difference between Labour force and workforce?

Although “labour” and “work” are thought of as synonyms, perhaps because they are often interchangeable, when we’re talking about forces, there is a significant distinction to be made. While they share some meaning, the actual difference is as much to do with unemployment as active work.  What’s a labour force? A labour force is the […]

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Security Service

In the modern world, with high-tech monitoring, it may not be obvious what exactly “security” means, or why you should enlist the services of security professionals. It’s quite simple, really. Visible protection from hazards and harm is invaluable and the assurance and comfort that comes with a dedicated team of experts is priceless to customers, […]

What do traffic controllers wear?

Traffic controllers work on site, therefore the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory, as it would be for anyone employed in such an environment. As well as the obvious items, there are other pieces of kit that offer great benefits to traffic controllers, individuals who are usually outside and in the elements for long […]

What does a Site Cleaner do?

Site cleaners aren’t simply there to put out wet floor signs and make everything smell nice. They are the frontline defence against contamination and infection, a hugely important investment that keeps businesses safe and operational. Depending on your schedule, you may have seen cleaning professionals many times, but what exactly does a site cleaner do? […]

What is traffic control and its purpose in traffic management?

We’ve all been stuck in traffic, so we can unanimously agree that it’s a big pain. For the Sunday driver, it wastes a lot of time. For businesses and construction companies, however, it can waste even more time and money, while posing a serious risk of injury or damage. The solution is well-executed traffic control […]

What is the difference between a security guard and a security officer?

Most of the time, our interaction with security personnel is brief. Whether or not we’re waving to a security guard or security offer doesn’t always cross our minds, but there is a few key differences. Their pursuits are the same: protection of an asset or person. However, the responsibilities and actions taken by guards and […]

Benefits Of Using Labour Hire in Construction Companies

As recorded by the Australian government, there are over 1.1 million employees currently working in construction. Sourcable reports of a $243 billion estimate on opportunities in the Australian Construction sector, bringing 50,000 more workers with it. When running a construction company, good labour practices are the key to success, so here are the benefits of […]

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