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The main reasons why your party or event needs security

Professional organisers of big festivals and concerts know that the security needed for events is essential and has to be planned. In many instances, local government regulations prescribe what should be in place. Unfortunately, organisers of small functions and parties often don’t make provision for any such arrangements.

This article discusses the main reasons why it is needed even at small functions and what type of arrangements are usually put in place.

Main reason why there should be a plan

There is only one main reason why a function needs a workable security plan – the people in attendance should be kept safe. It is the responsibility of the organiser to keep guests safe. To do this, a plan is needed, as well as people to execute it during the function.

Function organisers must remember that they will be held liable for accidents and injuries to attending people during the function. If an organiser is sued it could help if he or she can prove that an applicable plan was in place to prevent incidents as best as possible.

Thus, workable security plans must always be created when functions are planned. It is also recommended that a company offering professional event security services is contracted to help with the planning and provide professional and trained personnel during the function.

Aspects to remember

The following aspects are important to remember when planning a function.

1. Uniqueness

The plan for every function is unique. Unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all solution security plan exists. Because every event is unique its incident plan will be unique. For instance, the plan in place for a classical music concert in City Hall, will differ from one for a local park pop concert. Even plans for the same type of event differ from each other. The venue, time of the day and number of people expected to attend differ from concert to concert.

2. Number of specialised personnel

Usually, no rule regarding the number of security personnel needed at for events exists. Part of the planning is to determine how many will be needed. Sometimes it is only necessary to hire a security guard for an event.

3. More reasons why security is needed

The following are, apart from the reasons discussed above, more reasons why every event or party must have a security plan in place.

  • Access control – to ensure that people who should not be at the event is not allowed inside.
  • Crowd control – an emergency plan for when the crowd has to be controlled as a result of unforeseen circumstances such as a fire.
  • Property protection – to ensure that the venue’s property, as well as the property of the people attending, is protected. 

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