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What are the advantages of a solar video surveillance camera?

Nowadays, video surveillance is accepted as part of normal life. Cameras monitoring buildings, traffic, and people are seen at homes, shops, business offices, public spaces, and many more. All these devices need power to function. Unfortunately, batteries can deplete quickly and the electricity supply can consciously or accidentally be interrupted at any time. When there is no power and the camera is not working, there is no monitoring.

This article discusses solar power as an alternative power source for surveillance cameras.

Two types of monitoring with a camera

When discussing the advantages of this alternative power source for monitoring devices, it must be remembered that, in principle, there are two types of monitoring. One type is called closed-circuit television (CCTV) and the other type is referred to simply as surveillance.
The difference is that CCTV is a closed system transmitting signals live to specific monitors and recorders, while “surveillance camera” describes any camera used for security purposes. But the important aspect to remember is that both systems need a power source to be operational.


There are several pros when solar powered video devices are used. Important advantages include the following:

Always actively taking videos

CCTV and other security devices powered by natural sunlight are always “keeping watch”. Power outages and unexpected depleted batteries don’t affect them. CCTV security cameras powered by the sun ensure uninterrupted surveillance. It is also ideal in remote areas with limited accessibility to electricity.

Efficient system with a reduced carbon footprint

After initial installation costs, sun-power lets surveillance cameras run without any further expense. Saving is an important aspect whether it is CCTV security cameras for home or sun-powered video devices for large shopping centres. Energy efficiency always has a positive financial impact.

Other advantages in brief

Pros of solar powered video surveillance cameras include the following:

  • The cameras install relatively fast and easily.
  • The systems are regarded as green technology.
  • The power source is sustainable.


It is relatively easy to install solar powered CCTV security cameras but it is recommended that solar installers, such as UVS, install any solar device. Recognised, reputable installers will also be able to advise on the best solar cameras and solar panels to use.


As long as video surveillance is accepted as part of normal life, the use of green power, such as solar power, will be needed more and more to power the cameras. 

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