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Skilled Labour Hire in Australia: Meeting Industry Demands for Specialised Expertise

The demand for specialised expertise in all five skill level groups in Australia is increasing every year. From November 2021 until November 2022 employment increased by 4.4% in skill level 1, and by more than 6% in the other four skill levels. 

In this article, we’ll look at how skilled labour hire can meet these demands and what you should be looking for to get the right labour-hire company for your business. 

What is Skilled Labour Hire?

Labour-hire companies, such as UVS, are not recruitment agencies. They employ the workers themselves to form part of their skilled labour-hire workforces and also have the responsibility to pay the workers and manage the mandatory documentation and registrations required by the Australian authorities. 

What are the Advantages of Skilled Labour Hire for Your Business?

The advantages for your business to hire skilled labour instead of employing new workers yourself include the following:

  • You always have a flexible, scalable and cost-effective workforce.
  • You also always have access to specialised workers because the labour-hire companies provide you with trained and skilled workers.
  • The labour-hire companies take the administrative red tape regarding employment away from you.
  • If an allocated worker is not available at a stage, the labour-hire company replaces the worker.

Industries Benefiting from Skilled Labour Hire in Australia

More and more industries are using skilled labour hire in Australia rather than employing workers themselves. One of the reasons is that if a business hires labour from a reliable labour-hire company the workers have already been trained for the jobs by the labour-hire company. 

Skilled labour hire in Australia started in the construction industry but it was soon also implemented by the engineering industry.  Skilled labour hire in Sydney started with the development of light industries in the Sydney area. Nowadays, businesses in the following industries frequently make use of skilled labour hire:

  • Construction and engineering
  • IT and software development
  • Healthcare
  • Mining
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism

How to Select the Right Skilled Labour Hire Company

The success of labour hire for a business depends on the skilled labour company the business uses. Labour-hire companies, such as UVS, are only successful (and worthwhile to contact) if 

  • they understand the needs of the host business, 
  • “construct” a specific workforce to address the relevant labour issues of the business,
  • keep on building an excellent track record by always providing correctly trained, skilled and experienced workers, and
  • effectively and frequently communicate with their workforce and the host businesses.

These guidelines should help you to find the right skilled labour-hire company for your business. 


When you’ve found the right labour-hire company for the needs of your business, build a long-term partnership with them and your skilled labour issues will be over. 

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