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Traffic Control: Balancing safety and efficiency on the roads

Traffic control refers to the control of vehicles and pedestrians on public roads but also to control at events and construction and building sites. This article looks at it in general but focuses on the balancing of safety and efficiency by traffic controllers.

The main role of control

Usually, its main goal is to ensure the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians where normal flow is temporarily disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances or, sometimes, planned road maintenance or activities on a building or similar site. Trained officers will do their utmost to, on the one hand,

  • stop or slow down traffic to enable vehicles and pedestrians to move safely through work and construction sites or where roadworks are in progress, and on the other hand
  • Protect workers in the construction zone and where roads are being repaired from uncontrolled motorists.

How is the function executed?

It is done by giving clear and precise directions and signals so that motorists and other people involved, understand what is expected from them to drive or walk safely through the area. Traffic control signs, such as stop/go boards, are used to assist the officers. Although the main purpose is to keep everyone safe, vehicles must especially flow with as few delays as possible. There should always be a balance between safety and efficiency.

By whom is it executed?

Most traffic management hire companies are equipped with trained staff and the correct signage to safely control traffic. Traffic controller hire Sydney and hire companies in other Australian cities and towns are taking responsibility for traffic control according to all the regulations set out in different Australian official applicable legislation.

How to balance safety and efficiency

As mentioned above, although safety is the priority, efficiency is just as important.


To keep the vehicle and pedestrian flow safe is the easy part. The controller can even stop all movement to ensure that nobody enters the work zone or construction site until it is hundred percent safe to do so. With the redirection of vehicles, it is also possible to maintain a safe distance between workers and moving vehicles.


Traffic control efficiency refers to the managing of any fluctuation in the situation to ensure that unnecessary time is not wasted on inconvenient stopping or redirecting of vehicles and pedestrians. Because of the evolution traffic control is undergoing new technologies such as drones, are used to make it easier to make immediate adjustments when the situation changes. The faster adjustments and changes can be implemented, the more effective the controlling.


A good balance between safety and efficiency results in minimising disruptions while workers, pedestrians and vehicles move safely around or through the problem area. Only when there is a good balance, there will be minimum disruption in arrival and delivery times.


Balancing safety and effectiveness is a crucial aspect. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use professional companies to plan and execute controlling aspects during building, maintenance and road repair projects.

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