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Mobile Patrol Security: Modern Solutions for Modern Threats

Nowadays, as a result of security threats that are becoming more and more sophisticated, mobile patrol security is in great demand. 

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss why a new security approach has become necessary and how mobile patrol guards can be one solution to modern security problems.


A few years ago when someone mentioned that their business properties or homes were protected by security companies, the image most people had in mind was a few guards stationed in strategic places to monitor doors, windows and gates. A typical “old-school” guard has a defined area to patrol and is in many instances allocated to one specific place. Guards at entrance gates or in  shopping malls are examples of the static security concept.

In the past, safety companies and their clients had an approach that static security would be enough to safeguard properties.


In recent years, however, it has become clear that security threats have changed from “simple” burglaries to sophisticated methods of entering properties unauthorised for illegal purposes. Nowadays, it is not sufficient to only use traditional ways of security. Mobile patrols done by trained mobile patrol guards are currently one of the best solutions.

Why mobile patrol is a solution for modern security threats

  •  Mobile security guards are not allocated to only one area on the property. They are constantly on the move in their vehicles inspecting the different entry spots, storage  rooms and equipment. Because they are mobile and do not use the same schedule or route every time it is difficult for anyone to enter the property unauthorised or get involved in illegal activities while inside. The random way of moving around is one of the reasons why mobile patrols are so successful.
  • Usually, mobile patrols are ready to respond immediately to any alarm received from other security guards. They can immediately respond to alarms from CCTV and static officers on or near the property.
  • Also, when housing clusters are linked to a company with mobile patrol the residents can feel safe because a mobile patrol officer will respond immediately to any house alarm.
  • As their vehicles are marked and often equipped with flashing or searching lights they are very visible. This visibility is a deterrent for criminals.
  • Because mobile patrols can easily move around even during the night, they offer protection 24/7.


As mobile patrol officers, usually, form part of the larger chain of security guards and their services they make the other services more effective and increase the security companies’ ability to offer solutions for modern criminal threats.

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