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Essential Security Services For Business

Usually, entrepreneurs know they should invest in security but encounter problems prioritising their security needs. This article will help by giving some guidelines regarding 4 essential security services for businesses.

1.   Electronic security (e-security)

E-security refers to devices which need electronics to operate. A popular device in this category is the CCTV camera. It is ideal for providing real-time property surveillance in high-risk areas. Generally, it is also more cost-effective than human patrols and it avoids unnecessary risks to human life.

However, e-security still needs human involvement. To be successful as a security system trained personnel monitor the cameras 24/7.

2.   Access control systems

Access control is, in principle, essential for businesses for two reasons:

  1. It protects the personnel and clients from intrusion by potential criminal elements.
  2. If needed, the system can be used to only admit authorised persons.

Access control can be done by humans only or electronically.

Control by humans entails security guards at entrances checking for “suspicious” people and reacting if it seems as if they might endanger personnel and visitors or damage business assets.

The most popular type of electronic control is with key cards. Everyone authorised to enter the building/office receives a key card. The key card system also registers who has entered or left the business.

3.   Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is essential because it guards business systems and confidential data against online infringements. A cyber-attack, especially on small businesses, has financial, legal and security consequences. Therefore, a business should have cybersecurity in place.

Good cybersecurity at a business also

  • preserves the business reputation amongst its clients, and
  • enhances productivity – in-house and in remote workspaces.

4.   Security personnel

Last but not least, security personnel are an integral part of any of the essential security services a business might use. The personnel varies from security officers to people monitoring electronic security devices and specialised IT personnel to manage cybersecurity.

Security guards provide a sense of security and also assist with aspects such as

  • general customer care,
  • crowd management, and
  • unforeseen events like power cuts.

Thus, even if a business uses sophisticated electronic security services it still needs humans to keep all the systems running and make on-the-spot emergency decisions.

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