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The Role of Security Patrols in Safeguarding Public Spaces

Many public spaces often need to be safeguarded against people who use the spaces for illegal activities or want to steal or vandalise equipment. These places can be safeguarded in various ways. 

However, some safeguarding methods can be rather expensive. If the space is safeguarded by several “static” guards posted at strategic points the bill for all the man-hours needed can be high. Surveillance cameras and other monitoring devices are effective but the initial costs can stretch the managing organisation’s budget out of proportion.

Usually, security patrols are the best cost-effective alternative. This article discusses the role of this method of safeguarding public spaces.

The fundamental role

The basic role of security patrols is to unexpectedly “appear” at any part of the external perimeter of the public space to make it as difficult as possible for potential intruders to find an illegal place of entrance to the public space. For this reason, they don’t follow fixed times and routes when patrolling. 

The guard might also have keys to enter the premises for spot checks on doors, windows and sensitive areas. He or she then logs and reports anything that seems to be out of the ordinary.

When illegal activities are discovered, the guard normally keeps the activity under surveillance and calls for backup.

In short – this special type of security guard’s role in safeguarding public spaces is mainly to check the perimeter of the public space to ensure no illegal entry or vandalism takes place.  

More detail 

Aspects of safeguarding public spaces that are important when discussing the role of patrols include the following: 

  1. Moving around with vehicles at random times and routes makes it difficult for intruders to find places to enter public spaces illegally.
  2. The company’s vehicles are also distinctly marked and, usually, equipped with flashing and searching lights. This visibility is another role to fulfil. They have to clearly indicate that the space is being safeguarded and no illegal activity will be tolerated.  
  3. Mobile patrols have a role to play during the day and the night. They are effective during the day and night and, thus, offer protection 24/7. 

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