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Effective Communication Skills for Security Guards

Security guards often assume duties where they have to interact vocally with the general public, their senior officers and the employees of the organisations and businesses where they are deployed.  

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss some of the communication skills for a security guard which have to be incorporated into security guard skills and responsibilities training programmes by security companies such as the UVS Group.

Clear Verbal Communication

The communication skills of a security guard are important. Information, instructions and messages have to be communicated without ambiguity, especially in crisis situations.  When, for instance, a building has to be evacuated because of a safety hazard the public must receive clear and simple instructions on how to evacuate.

Guards have to be frequently made aware of the proper tone of voice, and volume to use when communicating to be respected and trusted by the public. 

Active Listening

Another important communication skill is to listen actively. Security guards must develop their listening skills to always understand what a person wants. The best way to listen actively is to maintain eye contact and ask clarifying questions. 

Nonverbal Communication

A basic understanding of body language is needed. People are not conscious of their body language and an attempt to deceive a security guard with words will often be betrayed by the person’s body language.  

Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation Techniques

Well-developed communication skills help guards when a conflict has to be resolved. If the guard shows empathy and listens actively to find out what the problem is and vocally engages by using the correct tone of voice, many conflicts can be de-escalated or resolved.  

Effective Report Writing

Communication skills are needed for internal report writing. Without a well-written report, the security guard’s work session is not completed. All security guards should be able to provide a report with the following characteristics:

  1. Factual accuracy.
  2. Well-organized content.
  3. Correctly used grammar.    

Cross-Cultural Communication

Security guards frequently operate in environments with different cultural settings. Communication skills for security guards should include cross-cultural communication. Because different cultures may interpret the same words differently potential misunderstandings can occur on the job.  

Technology and Communication

Technology has enhanced communication for security guards. Guards are in contact with each other and their supervisor with two-way radios or mobile devices. Mobile phones are also often used when their head offices have to be contacted.

Why it is important to seek the assistance of Security Guards

People seek the assistance of security guards when they are in places where guards are on duty. They are seen as trustworthy, and believable. This is to a great extent a result of the excellent training security companies, such as the UVS Group in Australia, offer their security guards. 

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