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UVS Group – provides a large team of Security Guards of the highest standard to meet all clients different and important security needs. All our security guards are correctly licensed, well trained and experienced experts in various industries that UVS Group covers. Our primary objective is customer satisfaction, hence why UVS Group Security Guards are industry leaders for professional security guard services across Australia.

In any industry for most businesses, Security Guards are the first and last point of contact for staff and customers. Security presence is essential in establishing peace of mind for the client and promote a safe environment for every one concerned. We provide security guards in Australia for Construction, Commercial and Retail industries. Depending on clients requirements we also have the capacity to provide a wide range of skilled security guard personnel from general purpose guard work to highly specific security roles.

We have proven track record in reliable, affordable and competent security guard services including:

Social Distancing Guards

Day/Night security guards helping to maintain sites open and operational for any clients who need to adhere to the new laws on social distancing in order to comply with legal requirements set out by new Federal and State Legislate.  

UVS Security Guards will be:

  • Manning all entry/exit points ensuring that all employees and contractors are aware of the social distancing rules and regulations  
  • Walking and monitoring the project to ensure that all site workers are adhering to the strict social distancing rules and regulations.
  • Enforcing and safely removing any offenders of the new regulations from sites if they are not complying.

New criteria of Social distancing on sites is challenging, but is a key measure to ensure you are complying with the law and to minimising the spread of COVID-19.

UVS Security Officers will make sure your workers are able to continue their job in a safe and acceptable manner, while the site continues to operate.

On-site Static guards

  • Guard and Dog Units
  • Mobile patrols
  • Site Closing and opening
  • Alarm response and Alarm Monitoring

UVS Group can deploy on short notice our highly trained Security Guards to any area in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA and offer comprehensive protection to all businesses in Australia.

The safety of your site is our main priority and UVS Group is your go to security experts you can trust to provide you the best and most efficient protection.

K9 Units and Guard Dogs

UVS Group has a long and proud tradition of providing specifically trained K9 Units (Guard Dog & Security Officer Handler) to clients predominantly in construction industry with a proven track record up to date in resolving often very problematic and potentially harmfull situations. Security K9 Units significantly reduce the risk of incidents, or stop them from reacuring. 

Specialised K9 Units are made up of a correctly (Dog Handler) licensed security officer and their trained German Shepherd or Rottweiler Guard Dog , creating a visually fearsome team for most cost effective protection of the premises. K9 Units can detect potential intruders well before they break into the premises, even in inclement weather conditions, which allows them to stop a potential break-in before it occurs. In any given situations where quick security action is required our professionally trained and experienced K9 Unit will offer an increased level of safety and security on any site or any situation.

Professionally Trained and Certified Units

All of our K9’s received professional training from ex military and highly decorated personnel who previously served with K9 units in active combat. All UVS Guards have the correct Dog Handling licences required to cover their scope of work with K9 across Australia.

Alarm Response

For sites or businesses equipped with a security alarm system, UVS Group can provide you quick and effective Mobile Security Alarm Response service anywhere in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth

If alarm system is connected back to base and is monitored then a security alarm response service is what you need to support the security alarm system in place at your business. Professional, quick and reliable alarm response is vital in minimising potential loss or damage to your site or property if it has been broken into and alarm activation was triggered. Our vast vehicle fleet of specifically equipped security patrol vehicles allows us to respond on time all the time. Each mobile response vehicle is equipped with advance communication system and GPS monitoring equipment, which allows for professional and cost effective way to deal with any given situation.

Mobile Patrol

If your project is still in its early stages and you’re looking for a substitute to static security guards, than UVS Group can also offer a mobile security patrols service. With this choice you can be sure that our licensed guards will act as a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime by driving in and around the site in specifically fitted security visible vehicles, that will act as a deterrent for possible would be offenders.

Clients may also choose for our Patrolman to do internal mobile patrols, where the mobile security Patrolman will be permitted to enter your premises with their own set of keys in order to patrol your site as well as its external perimeter. Patrolman will check to make sure that all site fixtures such as windows, containers, doors and etc are locked. Patrolman will log all the out of the ordinary or unsecured features of the site and a detailed report will be sent to the client the next day to make sure these issues are addressed straight away.

Hire mobile patrols with us at any location in Australia and enjoy a service that considerably lowers your risk to crime through trained, experienced and efficient security guards that ensure your project is secured.

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