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What is a Traffic Quality Management Plan (TQMP)?

A traffic quality management plan (TQMP) is the plan compiled by the primary contractor of a project for the quality management of all traffic, including vehicular and pedestrian movement during a relevant project. The management plan must show all safety features for vehicular and pedestrian safety during the project.

In this article, we’ll have a look at different aspects of TQMPs in Australia, including construction traffic management plans. 

What is a traffic quality management plan?

To understand the concept of TQMPs we’ll look at a definition of a TQMP and the official regulations it must reflect, the key elements of the plan, and the importance of such a plan.

 Definition of traffic management and a TQMP

Traffic management is the management and control of vehicular and pedestrian movements in and around construction sites and road works. The traffic quality management plan (TQMP) sets out the ways the traffic management company will control and manage vehicles and pedestrians during the relevant project.  The management plan must show all safety features for vehicular and pedestrian safety during the project.

Examples of official regulations the TQMP has to adhere to

Reliable traffic control companies, such as the UVS Group, always adhere to the strict guidelines set out by government road management authorities and traffic management registration schemes. Depending on where in Australia the company executes the project, they have to consider the different area’s regulations and include them in their traffic control management plan. 

These official regulations include:

  • The Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland, Traffic Management Registration Scheme.
  • The traffic management plan Victoria, namely the VicRoads Pre-Qualification Scheme. If it is a project in Melbourne the company must also adhere to the traffic management plan Melbourne. 
  • The traffic management plan NSW, namely the Roads & Maritime Services New South Wales. For Sydney projects the company also has to adhere to the traffic management plans Sydney.

Usually, Australian companies, such as the UVS Group, have a permanent basic Australian traffic control system in place for any traffic management requirements.

Key elements of a traffic quality management plan (TQMP)

The key elements you are looking for in a TQMP include the following:

  • A clear description of the goals and expected outcomes.
  • Risk assessment results and an evaluation of potential hazards.
  • The planning and design of road layouts, signage, and other essential aspects.
  • Detail about the actual process of executing the program and monitoring tools.
  • How you can modify the plan if needed. 
  • Indication of how the company will keep records for accountability.

Importance of a TQMP & a last word

A traffic quality management plan (TQMP) is important as it is a document reflecting how road users will safely be guided during the project and whether the traffic management company has attended to all the required aspects. 

To ensure that this important document is in place before any work affecting traffic flow starts we recommend that you always use a reliable traffic management company, such as UVS.  

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