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The Role of Crowd Control Security in Today’s Public Events

In short, crowd control security at a public event is to ensure that participants, guests and staff are safe.

In this article, we’ll look at how crowd control officers execute this task in practice and what equipment they need to be effective.

Before the event

Management of crowd control starts before the event.

On-site visit

 Experienced security company officers visit the venue for an on-site inspection. They ensure that they know exactly what is expected from their company and then inspect the venue to determine how control will be managed.

Preparing of equipment

 If apparatus such as safety cones, steel barricades, retractable belts or specific signages are needed the security team will get them ready in time. They will also put equipment in place at the event venue before any participants or guests arrive.

 Collaborate with other role-players

The management team also inform other relevant possible role-players such as the traffic department and fire brigade and synchronises roles if needed. 

Determine special strategies

Another role of crowd control security is to determine and then advise event organisers beforehand about specific strategies they will follow in guiding visitors in and out. Strategically placed barriers can, for instance, be used to eliminate bottlenecks.  One-way systems are also very efficient in controlling crowd movement.

If vehicle parking or driving to entrances is necessary another role of crowd control security is to put systems in place to ensure vehicle and pedestrian safety. 

During the event

The role of Crowd control security guards in Australia does not differ from most other countries. Their duties include the following:

  • Ensure the safety of all staff, participants and visitors. These groups of people should not have to worry about their safety.
  • Prevent bottlenecks and guide attendees to where they have to be.
  • Help people who need assistance like people in wheelchairs for instance.
  • Always be on the lookout for potential troublemakers in the crowd and remove them if needed.
  • Control pedestrian and vehicle flow and movement and ensure that no accidents happen.

Crowd control is easier as a result of new technology

New technology hasn’t changed the basic purpose of crowd control security but it certainly offers possibilities to make control easier.

  • Drones is a good example of a valuable new tool. They can provide real-time bird’s eye pictures of the venue and crowd and a trained security guard can act on any spotted irregularity.
  • With software using artificial intelligence crowd security management can anticipate probable problems and act in time.

Crowd control in Australia

Crowd control Perth is in principle the same as crowd control security Sydney and all the Australian cities and large towns. If a public event is, for example, taking place in Sydney, many crowd control services Sydney will be available to assist.

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