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Emergency Security Guards

Usually, when you enter into a security guard contract you only think of “normal” situations and places where security is needed. Unfortunately, many things happen unexpectedly, such as store gate breaks, alarms going off, or fires starting.  When the extraordinary happens, the security company must be able to provide security emergency response.

Thus, when you are looking for a security company, ensure that the company offers emergency security services as well.  This article will help you choose the right security company.

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24/7 Emergency security services

As emergencies can occur any day at any time of the day, clients should use experienced security companies like UVS Security. We guarantee a 24/7 emergency response service and always have well-trained guards available to respond to any type of emergency call from a client.

Emergency Security Guards

As a well-established security company, we always use the most current communication technology to keep in touch with our security guards 24/7 and we track our fleet vehicles in real-time. This ongoing communication enables us to respond to any unforeseen emergency immediately.

We have proven track record in providing reliable, affordable and competent security services that will not send your security guard hire cost through the roof.

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Understanding the need for emergency response security

We also ensure that our clients understand the need for emergency response security and we always try to make them part of the emergency response system. They have to understand that apart from “normal” security the need for emergency response security can arise at any time. Understanding the need and being part of the response system makes it much easier for our clients to successfully resolve any emergency with our assistance.


Key features of emergency response security

At UVS we train our security guards how to respond to different types of emergency calls and alarms. We also teach them the basic four features of an emergency response system –

  • management
  • operations
  • planning and
  • logistics
Emergency Security Guards

What are the roles of security guards during an emergency?

Although we train our security guards how to respond to a variety of emergency alarms, it depends on the specific arrangements between us and every individual client what the basic roles of the security guards should be during an emergency. Usually, these arrangements are documented in the contract between the security company and the client.


The protocol given by one client can be quite different from what is given by another client. For instance, one client might stipulate that a specific person in the company and the police should be informed immediately in response to an intruder alarm and then wait for the arrival of the police.  Another client might expect the emergency security guards to investigate the main cause of the alarm and secure the area.

Generally speaking, however, the roles might include the following:

  • Alerting the client and authorities as first responders.
  • Evacuating people from the danger zone.
  • Controlling a panicked and disorientated crowd.
  • Ensuring that people and property are secured.
Mobile Security

Security emergency response: A multi-layered approach

Successful security emergency responses always require some type of multi-layered approach. A simple form of a multi-layered approach is when, for instance,  responding to an alarm, a guard also informs a supervisor, another guard, and the dispatcher.

If a security guard witnesses a crime, the guard should, usually,  immediately call the police, the security company’s control room and a person allocated by the client and then observe the area. Each “layer” – the security guard, the security company, and the police will each form a “layer” with a specific role to play.

Emergency Security Guards
Labour hire

Security guard urgent hiring

Sometimes you need security guards for a specific event and you urgently want to hire security guards. At UVS we are in a position to have enough trained security guards to assist on an ad hoc basis. For more detail contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes security guards get site specific training

Static Guards, Guards and Dog, Mobile Patrols, Covid Compliance guards  

No our guards do not carry guns 

Guards do not perform any duties outside their legal scope 

Guards that remain on site throughout the hole shift

One of the most efficient ways to keep premises secured 

Security guard working with a trained Security Guard Dog 

Mobile patrolman being dispatched to any premises where alarm has been activated 

Keeping premises secure where there is no need for Static guard or patrols 

Keeping a site secured where static guard is not a requirement yet 

Keeping site secure at reduce costs 

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