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Successful Labour Hire Implementation in Various Industries

Labour hire is, in principle, the supply of workers to host employers. The labour-hire workers are never employed by the host. The labour hire agency is responsible for the workers’ pay and all aspects related to their employment. 

Labour hiring is a popular solution in a range of industries, such as construction, manufacturing, hospitality, warehouse, and mining because they all experience fluctuations in workloads.

To better understand the application of labour hire, let’s look at a few of the industries. 

Construction Labour Hire

Construction companies with large projects sometimes need extra workers with special talents to complete the contract on time. Labour hire provides fast access to the best workers in the field. 

If a construction company uses labour hire when extra or specialized workers are needed for a specific period, the company saves money and time. No advertisements are needed and no time is wasted on interviews and training. 

Manufacturing Labour Hire in Sydney

The manufacturing industry is always in need of specialized workers. In a city such as Sydney where you have numerous pharmaceutical, beverage, tobacco products, mineral products, paper products, chemical products and medical and surgical equipment manufacturers the need for specialized workers is high.

A labour hire company, such as the UVS Group, has easy access to skilled, and where needed, professionally trained workers to supply the manufacturers with what they need. In the manufacturing industry, the manufacturer cannot slow down, or even stop a production line because someone on the permanent personnel is absent. The labour-hire company can very quickly supply a temporary worker. 

Hospitality Labour Hire

The hospitality industry has a great problem with its temporary staffing requirements due to different holiday seasons. The industry will “waste” a lot of money if they have to employ on a full-time basis the number of staff they need during the holiday seasons.

The obvious solution is labour hiring. Hotels and guesthouses, for instance, have permanent arrangements with labour hire companies to supply workers during the holiday seasons. The workers vary from chefs to cleaning personnel.

Warehouse Labour Hire

Warehouses also need seasonal workers. The times when products come in or go out of warehouses depend on many things. Warehouses in harbours, for instance, can have relatively long periods when they are waiting for ships to load or unload. 

A warehouse for fruit and vegetables is another example where the flow of products is influenced by the seasons. The seasonal employment problem can be resolved with labour hiring. 

Mining Labour Hire

The mining industry needs many workers to be productive.  To keep the numbers of the workforce always on the same level, labour hiring can solve the problem. 

Key factors of successful labour hire

A labour-hire company, such as UVS is successful because it 

  1. ensures that its workforce is “constructed” in such a way that it can supply whatever service an employer is looking for, 
  2. do effective workforce planning, and have 
  3. clear communication with their workers and the host employers. 

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