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Safety Beyond Celebrities: The Role of Bodyguards in Protecting Business Executives and Politicians

It is well-known that almost all celebrities, many business executives and high-profile politicians hire bodyguards in Australia. They do this to have peace of mind that they are safe.

Let’s briefly look at what skills personal bodyguards should have, why they are hired by celebrities, politicians and business executives, and how much a private bodyguard costs.


Bodyguards are professional security guards who are trained in the use of firearms and should preferably also have basic medical training. But common sense and a quick decision-making ability are the skills that every bodyguard should have. These are the skills enabling them to immediately react to emergencies that can harm the person who is protected.

Celebrities hiring bodyguards

The number of bodyguards in Australia needed by a celebrity depends on the public profile of the person. Usually, a high-profile celebrity is advised to arrange for a team of eight personal bodyguards. The team should work in shifts of not more than about 10 hours, ensuring that they are always “awake” and ready for any security issue that might arise when they are on duty. The celebrity should be protected 24/7.

If the celebrity owns different residences more guards are needed for the protection of the properties even when they are not in use.  These guards are normally security guards and not highly trained personal bodyguards.

Why do politicians need private bodyguards?

Although most politicians receive personal guards from their governments, many also make use of private ones from time to time.   Usually, they hire a bodyguard when visiting “dangerous” areas or address hostile crowds.

The families of politicians are often targeted by protest groups and therefore need protection. Many politicians privately hire personal bodyguards for protection of their families. 

Personal bodyguards for Business Executives

There are many reasons why business executives need 24/7 bodyguard protection. Unsatisfied clients who want to harass the head of the business, and kidnapping by someone or a criminal group for ransom are examples of why business executives need protection by private bodyguards.

How much does a 24/7 bodyguard cost?

“Personal Bodyguard” can refer to one person protecting a client for a certain number of hours a day, or a group of bodyguards working in shifts protecting the client 24/7. In Australia, depending on where the service is needed, it will cost about $600 – $800 per day to hire a private bodyguard.

It is difficult to give a fixed amount for how much a 24/7 bodyguard will cost. It will depend on how many bodyguards are needed per shift and whether the hiring company has a package deal for 24/7 protection or work on a per hour per guard fee.


Although private personal guards are quite expensive, it has become a necessity today for high-profile people to use bodyguards to guarantee their and their families’ safety. Private bodyguard cost can vary depending on various factors, speak to us to learn more.

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