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Static Guard vs. Mobile Patrol: Choosing the Right Security Approach

When you are considering ways to secure your business property and/or goods you have to determine whether you need static guard security, mobile patrol services or a combination of the two options.  Static guard and mobile patrol are both effective but the best option for your business will depend on your circumstances and needs.

In this article, we’ll discuss the features of static guard and mobile patrol services to help you choose the right approach.  There are many reliable and experienced security companies, such as the UVS Group, and it is recommended that you contact a few before you make your final decision. 

Understanding and exploring static guard security and mobile patrol security.

To choose between static guard and mobile patrol you have to understand what both types of security entail. In principle, you will use mobile patrols security to cover large areas and monitor the security of your entire property. Static security guards focus on securing a specific area within your property.

A better understanding of static guard security

Generally speaking, you will use static security guards at the entrances and exits of buildings or the property.  You also use a static security guard to guard equipment or be a visual deterrent against criminal activities at events or in buildings. 

Exploring mobile patrol security further

Security mobile patrol refers to security personnel moving around in different areas of your property or facility. They move around on foot or in vehicles and are responsible for the security of the entire property. Most mobile patrols use GPS-enabled devices to track their movements and report unusual activity to the monitor room.

Key considerations for choosing the right approach

To choose the right approach, you look at the advantages of the two types of security. 

Advantages of the static guard approach

The advantages of static guards, meaning guards stationed at fixed locations, include the following: 

  • They control who is entering or exiting your property. 
  • They prevent criminals from operating in the areas where the guards are visible. 
  • They provide good client liaison because static guards are often the first to be approached by clients/visitors with questions. 

Advantages of the mobile patrol approach

The advantages of mobile patrols include the following:

  • Mobile patrols security is a very effective deterrent to prevent theft, criminal damage and vandalism over a large area. 
  • Usually, mobile patrol guards are the first to respond to security threats.
  • They also effectively spot potential breaches quickly, and can even detect potential fire risks in time. 

Finding the right balance: Hybrid approaches

Experienced security companies, such as the UVS Group, will advise you on how to find the right balance between static guards and mobile patrols. Often the right security solution is a hybrid approach, using both types of security.  

Budget considerations and cost-effectiveness

Generally speaking, is mobile patrol security more cost-effective than static security guards, because mobile patrol services travel between several locations making them more affordable than full-time permanent security guards. 

Contact UVS, or another reliable security company for guidance and a quote now. 

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