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Industrial Labour Hire Staffing Solutions

Industrial labour hire offers businesses staffing solutions which are different from traditional solutions of labour recruiting agencies. Labour hire agencies employ workers and then hire them out to businesses where workers are needed. The system for industrial labour hire Australia is structured in such a way that the businesses that are hiring, as well as the workers, benefit.

In this article, we’ll have a look at how labour hire companies operate and how businesses and workers benefit from this solution. 

Advantages of an effective industrial labour hire staffing solution

Let’s look at the labour-hiring principle and then briefly discuss the advantages for workers and businesses.

The basic principle 

You are a labour hire worker when you are employed by a labour-hiring company, such as UVS, but are not performing any work for the company. The labour-hiring company puts you “on hire” and you perform labour for the business that hires you. 

You are never employed by the business hiring you but are always an employee of the labour hire company. You receive your salary from the labour-hiring company and not from the business that hired you. 

When you’ve completed your tasks at the business that hired you, the labour-hiring company hires you out to another business.

The workers’ benefits

As a labour hire worker, you benefit because you are employed on a long-term basis by the labour-hiring company and don’t have to look for another job whenever an employer doesn’t need you anymore. 

If needed, the labour hire company will also provide training to ensure that you are correctly qualified and have the right skills for the jobs you have to do at the businesses that are hiring you. 

Advantages for the business that hires workers

The advantages for businesses to hire skilled labour instead of employing new workers themselves include the following:

  • The business always has a cost-effective, flexible and scalable workforce.
  • Reliable labour hire companies, such as UVS, always provide businesses with trained and skilled workers. Thus, businesses always have access to specialised workers.
  • A labour hire company takes the administrative red tape regarding employment away from the business.
  • The business always has a full-capacity workforce because if an allocated worker is not available at a stage, the labour hire company replaces the worker.

Landscape of industrial labour

In Australia, more and more industries are using skilled labour hire. Skilled labour hire in Australia started in the construction industry and was soon followed by the engineering industry.  Industrial labour hire Australia started to bloom with the development of light industries in the Sydney area. Nowadays, businesses in the IT, mining, hospitality, healthcare and tourism industries frequently make use of skilled labour hire.

How to select the right industrial labour hire company

Before a business decides to work with a labour hire company ensure that 

  • it has a workforce to address the relevant labour issues of your business,
  • has an excellent track record, and
  • effectively communicate with their workforce and your business.

Last word

Build a long-term partnership with the labour hire company you use and your skilled labour issues will be over. 

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