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Emergency Response and Traffic Control Management

Good traffic control management guarantees safe roadways and environments in public places for vehicles, pedestrians, and even animals. The more streamlined traffic control management operates, the better the situation and flow can be predicted. This is true for “normal” control as well as when special control is needed in emergencies.

Some institutions such as small local authorities, don’t have traffic management systems and rely on well-established and experienced hire companies. One advantage of outsourcing this aspect is that these companies have enough skilled personnel to immediately provide emergency response when needed.

The traffic management system

Traditionally, the system consists of two main components. The actual controlling of the traffic is the component “on the ground” applying what the other component – the management component – has discussed with all the roleplayers and decided on.

It is possible for a local authority or business to only, for instance, outsource the planning component and then provide their own officers to execute it. However,  most traffic management hire companies prefer to provide and execute the whole system by themselves or are at least part of the “on the ground” component.

For more information on traffic controller hire in Sydney, any of the well-established hire companies will be able to assist.

Emergency response

It is cost-effective to use an outside source to respond to emergencies instead of having a personnel “overflow” to be ready for when emergencies occur from time to time.  Experienced hire companies are prepared and equipped to immediately respond to emergencies which influence traffic. Usually, their services include the following:

  1. 24/7 availability of experienced controllers to be utilised in emergencies.
  2. Immediate reaction to be at the emergency scene as soon as possible.
  3. The availability of basic traffic plans which can be customised for the situation within a few minutes/hours to address the needs of the specific emergency.
  4. Liaison with  role players to create a coordinated action
  5. Continuous assessment to ensure safe and effective flow of vehicles and people despite emergencies.


Because traffic management is continuously developing, many local authorities and businesses outsource this component. They then always have well-trained c officers and the most up-to-date techniques and equipment at their disposal – especially for emergency responses. Traffic management hiring is more cost-effective than doing training in-house.

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