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What Is Public Event Security?

Public events – weddings, festivals, concerts, fundraisers, conventions – are a heap of fun, when they operate smoothly. There’s are countless preparations to be done to ensure gatherings are successful, though public event security is one that you cannot afford to ignore.

What is Public Event Security?

Public event security comprises of numerous types of security professionals, including gatekeepers, crowd control, static guards, mobile patrol (LINK to Article 1), and specialists such as armed guards, bodyguards, or even K9 security units.

The ultimate aim remains the same: keeping an event safe for those invited and inaccessible to those not, especially if they’re intending to inflict harm on others, or otherwise damage the premises.

The Responsibilities of Public Event Security

  1. Securing Access Points

Events and exclusivity go hand in hand. Guests need to make it inside, but also remain safe at all times. A principle duty of the public event security officer is to secure all access points, so that those uninvited are unable to sneak in and cause problems.

It’s not solely a matter of having a pass or ticket, but also protecting legitimate attendees from harm. Leaving a single access point unchecked can have huge repercussions on the safety of both public event and private party.

  1. Screening Guests and Staff

There’s many types of public event and many kinds of people. Some are only looking for a good time, while others may have malicious intentions. Without public event security, it’s practically impossible to distinguish them.

Checking credentials against a guest list may sounds uncomplicated, but the screening of guest and staff involves expert threat assessment, a skill that a public professional security teams, and it’s one they’re expertly trained to do so.

  1. Emergency Response

There are many reasons to hire a security service. It’s not only a matter of crime prevention, but also rapid response to emergencies. Emergencies may be medical, like a heart attack, or environmental, such as a fire.

Although first-aid supplies are accessible in public spaces by law, you still need someone trained to use them. Public event security officers are typically trained in both CPR and AED assistance. Likewise, specialist security professionals are highly knowledgeable in preventative, combative and evacuative measures for dealing with fire.

Public Event Security with UVS Group

Worrying about how an event can go wrong is perhaps not as glamorous as outfits, décor and entertainment. Nevertheless, a solid defence against unforeseen circumstances is necessary if you want to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Make the process easier with a dedicated team of security experts. UVS Group offers a range of security services, including public event security. Get in touch with us today for any assistance with event security management.

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