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Traffic Management Registration Scheme

Even with modern technology at our side, road traffic management remains a very high-risk activity. Failure to uphold proper safety standards results in serious injury or death, which applies to both motorists and traffic controllers.

Historically, many of these dangers of traffic management had stemmed from a general lack of industry standards, which had in turn limited motorist compliance and caused road accidents.

In September 2009, Queensland Workplace Rights Ombudsman Don Brown summed up these safety concerns, highlighting the need for extensive industry reforms in order to raise driver compliance at roadwork sites. These recommendations eventually led to the Traffic Management Registration Scheme.

What is the Traffic Management Registration Scheme?

The Traffic Management Registration Scheme is a Queensland initiative to improve the safety of road workers. The key aims for the scheme are improving road worker safety, increasing driver awareness at roadwork sites, and generally reducing complacency in the traffic management industry.

Under this scheme, traffic management companies must strictly follow safety and quality standards so that they can provide consistent ‘traffic control services’ on state-controlled roadways.

Traffic control services are outlined as such:

  • Traffic management provisions: setting up and maintaining safety equipment around roadwork sites, including road signage, barriers and devices.
  • Operational traffic control: any tasks related to managing the flow of traffic around roadwork sites and/or other road sites.
  • Traffic management plans: the design, auditing and provision of traffic management plans or guidance schemes, for instance designs or drawings given to principal contractors, third parties, or to traffic management companies.

The Traffic Management Registration Scheme applies to any organisation that provides any of the above services.

Important Note: the Traffic Management Registration Scheme works in conjunction with the Traffic Controller Accreditation Scheme. Companies providing traffic management services must gain accreditation separately from the registration scheme.

How is Compliance with the Scheme Monitored?

Compliance to Traffic Management Registration Scheme standards is assessed through audit as well as roadwork site spot-checks. All registered companies are subject to audit.

It’s important to note that registered traffic management organizations must comply with scheme safety standards at all times, not just at the time of registration and audit. Organisations failing to meet quality standards can lose their registration status.

You can see the current list of registered organization on the Queensland’s Register of Traffic Management Organisations.

The Importance of Traffic Control Safety

The Traffic Management Registration Scheme was born from the very clear need to protect both motorists and road workers. It is a reflection of our shared responsibility on the road.

Traffic control companies that closely follow the scheme demonstrate a superior quality of service, minimizing the risk of road accidents and generally working with greater professionalism.

Feel free to contact UVS Group via email or phone (1300 844 355) with any questions about the scheme or related services.

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