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Tips to Find Quality Contractors

Construction projects are a big undertaking and so finding the right contractors to help you is essential. Unless you take some time to follow the right steps beforehand, you may be opening the door for disaster later down the line.

A successful construction project depends on having experienced, reliable and qualified labour hire contractors that fully understand the scope of the project and can provide the services necessary to fulfil those expectations. 

So here are the tips you need to find a quality contractor for your construction project: 

1. Know the Job

Before you even think about interviewing contractors, you should have a plan ready that outlines what you’re looking for, in terms of building specifications and materials.

The more detailed you can be at this stage, the faster you’ll find a contractor that is capable of completing the work. At the same time, it’s much easier to eliminate the contractors that aren’t suitable for your project. 

Be sure to communicate the scope of the project, any special requirements, and the timeline for completion. The more information you can readily provide to prospective candidates, the more accurate they can be with their bids. 

2. Research 

The simplest way of finding great contractors is to go through a labour hire agency. When doing so, start by comparing various labour hire agencies, in particular the exact services they are known for. When picking a labour hire agency, you’ll need to consider both experience and reputation.

You’ll want a construction labour hire company that has great quality control processes, some form of a satisfaction guarantee, as well as reliable ongoing support. Just as your contractor must be experienced with the work, so too must the agency behind them!

3. Check References

Once you’ve landed on a labour hire agency, you’ll then need to check the references of the contractors put forward. Any decent contractor will have references from previous projects ready so that they can show they’ve provided a quality service.

Don’t worry if your first choice labour hire contractor isn’t available. The most prestigious contractors get a lot of interest, so you may prefer to postpone your project a little so that you can work with the right team. 

4. Interview Candidates

Most people have their own unique interviewing process. However you do so, the most crucial thing to ensure is that the contractor regularly works on similar projects to the one you’re proposing. 

You may also want to ask how many projects they work on at the same time, which is a good point to also get a few references of recently-completed projects. Another good indication of quality is how long they’ve been working with their subcontractors, which can give some clue about their work ethic and success rate. 

Once you’ve narrowed down the list to the few best options, you can bring candidates to the job site. There you’ll be able to further assess their skills and experience, whilst also seeing how they treat others and approach the work. Look to see if they work quickly and keep their workspace clean as these are rather good indications of work quality. 

5. Check Licensing

You will need to make sure that your top candidates have their paperwork in order, which includes their state contractor’s license and insurance certificates. Australian labour law requires labour hire contractors to hold worker’s compensation and personal liability insurance, amongst other protections. 

You can also use a business background service to check whether or not any contractors you’re considering have liens or claims against them from former clients, suppliers and workers. A few minutes of searching online can also uncover critical information about labour hire contractors. 

Alternatively, you can have this entire process done for you by using labour hire services. Labour hire agencies have excellent screening processes in place, and workers are required to regularly update their details. 

6. Get Bids

When you have decided on your two or three best contractors, you can now compare their rates, scheduling, and contract terms. Have these top candidates provide written bids for your project, based on the same specifications. 

A well-written bid should include:

  • A detailed description of services offered, including the total number of hours, the rate of pay, and any specific requirements for the project.
  • A detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the project, including materials, subcontractors, equipment, travel expenses, and other related costs.
  • A project timeline, telling you when the work will begin and end, along with deadlines for completing specific stages of the project.
  • A description of potential risks associated with the project, and the associated safety measures to be taken.

Read everything carefully so that you can understand their terms of contract. You can expect materials to account for about forty percent of the total costs, with profit accounting for fifteen to twenty percent.  

Also remember that the lowest bid isn’t necessarily the best. If there’s a bid that is substantially lower, the contractor may be cutting corners somewhere. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” applies. 

If bids are very similar, just choose the contractor that you communicate best with. The most important thing is that you understand their contract and payment terms, and that they’re able to meet the requirements of your construction project.

7. Set a Payment Schedule

When you have chosen your contractor, you need to put a payment schedule in place. These vary significantly depending on the type and size project. A general guideline is to pay ten percent of the costs upon signing a contract, three instalments of twenty-five percent throughout the project, and a final payment once you’re fully satisfied with everything. 

8. Finalise the Contract 

The last stage in the labour hire contractor process is to finalise the contract. Make sure that all relevant details appear somewhere in writing, which obviously includes project specifications (scope, materials, dates), payment schedule, proof of liability insurance, and a lien clause in the case that your contractor fails to pay suppliers or subcontractors. 

Finding a Quality Labour Hire Contractor

Finding a quality labour hire contractor for your construction project can be a tiresome task, but following these tips will make the process a lot smoother.

Working with the right contractor will absolutely determine whether or not your project is completed to satisfaction, within your budget and timeframe. 

If you’d prefer to get specialist help to find the right contractor, get in touch with a trusted labour hire agency based in Sydney.

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