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How Traffic Control affectsDriver Safety

Construction sites and roadworks very often disrupt the usual flow of traffic, which poses greater risk to everyday drivers. Meanwhile, on-site vehicles circulating around tight spaces need close monitoring in order to ensure safe working conditions. 

A certified traffic control agency provides solutions to all of these issues, keeping pedestrians and drivers away from hazards, whilst ensuring worksite operations are compliant with local regulations.

In order to effectively do this job, a trained traffic officer uses their knowledge of the key factors affecting driver safety:

1. Awareness

Hazard awareness is a critical part of safe driving, as anyone with a license will have already learned. Drivers are constantly looking for anything that might cause them to either slow down or change direction. Construction sites and roadworks pose unique risks that drivers must be made aware of.

Traffic controllers use reflective PPE to increase their own visibility, typically wearing fluorescent yellow or orange shirts with dark blue bottoms. Reflective barriers and signage increases driver awareness too, making them essential tools for directing traffic.

2. Conditions

Construction and roadwork projects vary in size, so the exact conditions of a particular site or stretch of road can affect drive safety as well. In busier places, like inner-city Sydney, a more comprehensive traffic management plan is required as the volume of traffic and pedestrians is higher, whilst increased noise may obscure the sounds of other vehicles.

According to the US Department of Transportation bottlenecks account for 40% of traffic congestion. Traffic control agencies have expert knowledge in recognizingpotential traffic flow issues and swiftly implementing the solutions that ensure it’s safe to drive through.

Weather conditions and poor lighting also affect driver safety. In heavy rain or at night, visibility is reduced, whilst wet road surfaces cause weaker traction and greater stopping distances. Specialist traffic control personnel employ dynamic solutions to respond totheseadditional hazards, which may involve setting up additional signage and lighting.

3. DriverBehaviour

Another factor that affects driver safety is emotional state, or so-called road rage. When drivers are frustrated, they can do a variety of dangerous things, including increasing speed, following others too closely, refusing to stop for signs, and weaving between traffic.

Sites that fail to effectively control traffic can cause drivers to become irritated, which will in turn increase the likelihood of dangerous driving. Traffic control officers can make the passage of traffic more efficient, which alleviates the stress of being stuck in traffic.

Using Traffic Control Agencies to keep Drivers Safe

Traffic control has a huge influence on driver safety, making it an essential component of any project that disrupts the normal use of roads. Sydney construction companies and site managers have long relied on recognized agencies, like UVS Group, to ensure the safety of drivers, minimize accidents and keep work running smoothly.

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