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How to Prepare Staff to Respond to Security Alarms

Investing in security equipment is certainly the first step in keeping your property, employees and clients safe. However, it isn’t enough to just install an alarm system. In order to ensure full security, it’s also important for businesses to train their staff on the proper security protocol.

It may take just a single person to pull the alarm, but the rest of your team have to be able to respond appropriately. This means that it’s not just office managers or team leaders that should know what to do. All employees working within the organization need to be trained in proper security response.

An active alarm system is great, as is a monitoring station, though you’ll need a full team of employees that can appropriate respond to security threats in order to keep everyone safe. Here are some simple guidelines on best employee security alarm response practices:

Respond to Security Alarms

1. Verify the Incident before Deactivating the Alarm

A false alarm is not unheard of in the world of security systems. Nevertheless, employees shouldn’t rush to turn off an alarm before first verifying the cause. Staff should remain calm at their normal stations, whilst those responsible may use monitoring equipment to ensure all departments are operating normally. If you notice anything suspicious, you should notify the security firm and/or local authorities.

2. Alert your Security Provider

These days, the majority of security alarm services send direct alerts to the security provider in case of an emergency, though not all alarms systems have audible sirens. If the alarm has been silently activated, an alert will still be sent to the security company.

Upon receiving the signal, they’ll typically give a grace period somewhere from a few seconds to a minute before they call, just in case the false has been tripped falsely. However, if you’re certain the alarm is real and the security company hasn’t yet called, you should contact them immediately from the monitoring station.

3. Secure a Safe Hiding Position

Once the alarm has been verified as genuine, all employees present should move to safe hiding positions where they should then remain until notified. In the instance of a burglary, staff should aim to distance themselves from the initial point of contact. It’s important to remind staff that they should also direct any customers or clients to secure locations, preferably a lockable safe room if available.

Should any employees come into direct contact with burglars, it’s vital that they remain calm and be fully cooperative. They should avoid direct confrontation and instead simply wait for security specialists to arrive.

4. Have an After-incident Procedure

Security companies respond to alarms as quickly as possible in order to verify the situation and then act accordingly. In the case of genuine danger, security specialists will work with local authorities to neutralise the threat and thus restore order.

Once everything is under control, you should have an after-incident process. This usually consists of a roll call to make sure that all staff is accounted for and safe. If there are any casualties, call for medical assistance immediately. You may choose to relieve your employees for the rest of the day so that your security company together with local authorities have space to conduct a thorough investigation. 

Trusting the Right Security Specialists

Safe businesses take security seriously, which is why it’s best to find a trusted security company that specialise in alarm response services. Not only can they advise you on what equipment to install, but also how best to put that gear to use, which includes the proper training of staff to respond to security alarms.

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