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How to make your Job Site Cleaner (and Safer)

Keeping your job site spick and span is not just good for safety, though that is an incredibly important factor. A clean job site also increases your working efficiency, improves morale and more generally communicates the professionalism of a business.

Employees and visitors alike are kept safe from accidents and injury when you have a proper site cleaning schedule, giving you more peace of mind and less culpability in legal disputes. Whether you’re talking about scrap materials with sharp protrusions blocking your walkway, or dirt and debris harming the overall health standards of your job site, it’s imperative to implement an effective cleaning program.

How to keep Work Areas Cleaner (and Safer)

Work areas have the highest amount of foot traffic, so it’s essential that you keep them tidy. Ensure that you’ve taken the following steps:

  • Remove items that aren’t being actively used  and keep them in a proper storage location
  • Never obstruct stairways, passageways, and gangways with either  materials or supplies
  • Keep all access points to the job site clear and safe
  • Regular sweep key walkways and wipe work surfaces
  • Keep debris and waste from the floor by supplying an adequate amount of bins and containers 
  • Hammer or remove any nails protruding from scrap lumber
  • Cap or bend all exposed steel rebar ends
  • Keep hazardous and combustible materials in a separate storage location
  • Ensure that toilet facilities are regularly cleaned

Of course, the more general rules of workplace housekeeping still apply, which includes dust control, cleaning up spills, maintaining tools and equipment, and regularly changing out cloths and rags.

How to deal with Waste Cleanly (and Safely)

Everyone knows that the trash needs to be taken out, but job site waste disposal requires a little extra consideration. Materials may be hazardous or flammable, and you can be dealing with dangerous classifications of substances. Make sure you’ve done the following:

  • Dispose of waste, recyclable, scrap and surplus materials in accordance with your local regulations.
  • Do not pour dangerous waste substances into storm or sewers drains
  • Place sufficient waste containers through the job site, which extends to recycle bins too
  • Ensure that waste receptacles are kept sealed, preferably by using those with self-closing covers
  • Use waste chutes or comparable devices so that waste is never allowed to fall freely
  • Lock and secure used containers and dumpsters
  • Tightly seal spent containers to avoid spillage, evaporation and contamination
  • Schedule frequent waste collections, especially for combustible and toxic materials

Site Cleaning Services in Australia

Even with the best of intentions, things quickly become dirty and dangerous without proper site cleaning services. Keeping everything tidy not only affects how people perceive your business, but also safeguards you from easily-avoidable accidents and subsequent legal trouble.

If you’re searching for a nearby site or office cleaning company, join the long list of happy clients who have trusted the job to UVS Group. Our specialists are equipped and experienced to provide a spotless office or a deep-cleaned construction site.

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