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How Much does it Cost to Hire Security Guards?

There are plenty of considerations involved in running businesses, planning events and managing sites, so it’s forgivable to sometimes forget the importance of proper safety measures. Private parties, public events, corporation functions – really any situation where crowds are expected – all require professional security services, but there’s one burning question in everyone’s mind.

How much does it cost to hire security guards? It’s not quite as simple as a one-size-fits-all number, because there’s many cost factors at play. As a rough estimate, an experienced security guard works somewhere between $30 and $100 AUD per hour.

The exact rate depends on their expertise and the scope of their work, among other things. Some security providers prefer to charge hourly, whilst others would rather work on a fixed amount. In any case, you should always have a clear understanding of costs before giving the green light.

If you want to find out exactly how much a security guard costs, get in touch with the experts for a quick no-obligation quote.

Cost factors of Security Hire

Now let’s go through the most relevant factors that influence security guard hire costs:

1. Services Required

In Hollywood films, we’re used to seeing security guards standing silently, manning an entryway or checkpoint. In reality, the responsibilities of security personnel are incredibly varied, so the cost of hiring security guards depends heavily on the precise services required.

Some examples of additional services available include ticketing management, canine security, bodyguarding, and valuable asset protection. As many security professionals are trained in first aid and fire safety, they can also act as emergency response. Meanwhile, they are still responsible for their core tasks, namely surveillance, patrolling and reporting.

Here are some more example considerations:

  • Ticketed Venue: entrance security, ticket management, credential verification, bag search
  • Large-scale Event: access restriction, perimeter patrol, crowd control, bodyguarding
  • Outdoor Event: manned checkpoint, crowd control, traffic management, first-aid response
  • Enclosed Event: entrance security, credential verification, asset protection, fire safety control

What to Remember: Allow for a higher budget if you require a wider range of services, where a more comprehensive security strategy is needed.

2. Type of Event

There’s no telling what kind of event a security guard will be assigned, as they can apply their skills in all sorts of scenarios. Certain situations are just more challenging to manage, which calls for more extensive security measures. In such a case, costs rise to match the type of event. For instance, a large-scale corporate event has a bigger security price tag than smaller gatherings.

Here are some other examples of the kinds of events where security is necessary:

  • Public Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Civic Events
  • Parties, Festivals, Celebrations
  • High-traffic Venues
  • Opening New Facilities
  • Large-crowd Situations

The type of event will not only inform your security team of their key responsibilities, but also the resources that they’ll need to complete this work. If certain skill-sets are needed for your particular event, such as K9 or crowd-control units, those security specialists will influence the final bill.

3. Length of Hire

As you’d expect, the longer you require their services, the greater the cost of hiring a security guard. Is it a one-off event or a recurring occasion? Are you interested in security for all-day or only peak time? Would it make more financial sense to arrange a fixed number of scheduled hours, or even a full-time position?

Long-term contracts lower cost per hour, though you’ll want to ensure that you’re making good use of the services you’re paying for. If the security requirements of your business change often, it may suit you better to hire personal by the hour. In any case, the cost of hiring security guards is definitely outweighed by the cost of your liability without such measures in place.

Finding the Right Security Fit

It’s virtually impossible to calculate your security budget without discussing it with the professionals. The ins and outs of securing an event are unknown to most, so feel more confident about your decisions by getting in touch with the specialists. You’re paying for peace of mind, after all, not just for yourself but your guests too. Choose the best and skip the stress by trusting your security to UVS Group.

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