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Why do Companies use Labour Hire?

Labour hire is traditionally seen in construction, mining and healthcare industries, though an increasing number of businesses are enjoying the greater flexibility offered by this kind of recruitment. Such companies streamline their operation by outsourcing the hiring process, which frees them up to focus on more critical aspects of their business.

As workers are employees of the labour hire agency, the host business doesn’t even need to worry about things like pay, superannuation and insurance. In plain terms, you get the extra hands you need without any of the complications.

So here are the top four reasons why companies use labour hire services:

1. Skilled Workers Sent Direct

Labour hire agencies in Australia have access to a huge pool of workers, and thus an equally wide range of skills, qualifications and licenses. Whether you require basic labourers or experienced technicians, the ideal worker is sent direct to your business.

While new employees wait times commonly reach 40+ days in traditional hiring processes, labour hire means that you’ll more often than not receive an experienced worker within a week. An associated benefit of such speed is that you can quickly replace workers that aren’t the perfect fit for your business.

2. Save Time, Save Money

According to a recent survey, from HR software specialists ELMO, the costs of hiring a new employee have gone from $10,500 AUD in 2020 to a staggering $23,860 per worker in 2022. Sadly, the recruitment process is as longwinded as it is expensive, as you’ll have to dedicate a substantial amount of time to advertising the position, interviewing candidates and training new hires.

Australian companies that don’t want those hassles choose labour hire agencies to do the work for them, which means they’re able to allocate precious time, energy and resources to more important elements of running their business.

3. Dynamic Workforce on Demand

It’s natural for businesses to experience ups and downs, especially if you have a busy season. When demand is high, you can’t afford to wait around. With labour hire agencies, it’s easy to get the extra hands you need to cope with an increased workload, with the added freedom of zero obligation to keep those workers on. It’s the ultimate convenience of labour hire labour for a day, week, month, or as long as you need.

The work agreement is temporary, meaning that you have a truly dynamic workforce that adapts to the natural fluctuations of your business. Keep the pressure off by having a roster of pre-vetted labourers on hand whenever you need them, and not a minute longer. As labour hire prices are agreed upon beforehand, it’s the cost-effective way to run a business that often experiences variance in workload.

4. Eliminate Annoying Admin

As we mentioned in the intro, labour hire workers are employed by the agency and not the host business, which means that you don’t deal with any of the associated paperwork. All administrative duties are the responsibility of the labour hire company, so you can focus entirely on how best to match the current needs of your operation.

The Modern Way of Working

Labour hire makes the recruitment process as painless as possible, leaving you to work on the things that matter most for the success of your business. Although a Sydney-based labour hire agency, UVS Group is proud to support local businesses throughout Australia. Whenever you need a helping hand or two, keep things simple with a trusted labour hire company.

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