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Who Needs Bodyguards?

You might assume that bodyguards are mainly for celebrities. After all, we’re used to seeing them keep armies of fans away as the latest and greatest escape venues. However, there are plenty of separate situations that benefit from a little extra personal security.

As associated costs fall and availability of professional protection rises, bodyguards are found working in various capacities. When attention falls on you or risks are greater, you’ll get peace of mind from the support of security professionals that you simply couldn’t get otherwise.

Here are the different kinds of people that might need the help of a bodyguard:

1. Wealthy Individuals

While most of us see wealth as success, criminals think of it as opportunity. Private security ensures that wrongdoers remain deterred from taking action against wealthy individuals, their families, or residences. Having large sums of money will consequently attract some attention, which means there’s increased risk of thievery or even violence. In such a case, bodyguards are essential for keeping these high-value targets safe.

2. Money or Goods Handlers

“Follow the money,” as the phrase goes, and that’s certainly what criminals will try and do when valuables need to be transported. Handlers of money or expensive goods often seek help from a personal security guard to complete such tasks as manning a station to monitor suspicious behaviour or joining the escort to make sure you’re well-defended when most vulnerable.

3. CEOs and Executives

CEOs and executives are in control of huge amounts of funds, not to mention immense influence over various aspects of their business. This leads to a unique set of threats to their safety, ranging from thievery to kidnapping, and even corporate crimes. Personal bodyguards are well-equipped to handle the specific security risks of VIP protection, which of course applies to the kinds of power associated with CEOs and executives.

4. Targets of Attention

It’s not only celebrities that find themselves in the spotlight. Government or organizational officials, eyewitnesses to high-profile cases, and even lottery winners may attract those with malicious intentions. Those in the public eye should consider hiring a bodyguard to protect them for as long as they remain targets of attention.

5. Victim of Domestic Disputes

The trauma caused by domestic disputes or unamicable divorces can be long-lasting, but the threat of violence should never hang over someone’s head. When emotions run high, victims depend on the professionalism of bodyguard security to keep a cool head. Trained to recognize the smallest signs of danger, they ensure your personal safety, which includes moderating any discussions between spouses likely to become heated.

The Cost of Personal Bodyguard Protection

You don’t have to be a high-rolling celebrity to invest in private protection services. In fact, personal bodyguards have never been as affordable or accessible as they are right now. Meanwhile, the cost of not being protected is just unthinkable.

Trusted security providers, like UVS Group, supply you with extensively experienced bodyguards without the VIP price tag, giving you ultimate peace of mind no matter what you’re doing. Find out more by getting in touch.

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