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What Is The Difference Between Cleaning And Disinfecting?

Cleaning and disinfecting are both active attempts to create a hygienic, safer environment, and both should be undertaken. However, it’s useful to know the difference between each task, whether you’re cleaning a hospital, school, office or home.

What is Cleaning?

Quite simply, cleaning is the act of removing dirt and germs from a surface. To clean, individuals can use an all-purpose agent, like generic dish soap or spray solutions, and a cloth. These cleaning supplies will happily get rid of most germs and dirt, but they do not kill bacteria. All harmful germs remaining are now able to continue reproducing and pose a health risk.

What is Disinfecting?

In order to fully eliminate germs, the disinfecting process should be carried out after cleaning. The reason that cleaning is done beforehand is that disinfectants can’t penetrate soil and dirt. Therefore, we should think of cleaning as preparing a surface and disinfecting as actually cleaning it.

How are the products different?

Soap-based agents are made from molecules with a hydrophobic (-) and hydrophilic (+) end, so they are able to mix oil and water. This is how soap removes dirt and grime from our hands and surfaces. Disinfectants, however, are concentrated poisons for small organisms. They create a hostile, chemical environment so that dangerous microbes cannot survive.

Whilst the manufacture of simple cleaning agents isn’t regulated with scrutiny, the title of ‘disinfectant’ is usually protected by a government agency, meaning that products must be proven to kill 100% of germs listed before being granted the word.

How do I properly clean and disinfect my space?

Some products are actually labelled as both cleaner and disinfectants. The dual-function agents can be applied to the surface and left for the appropriate rest time before being cleaned off. A cleaner/disinfectant alone cannot remove substantial dirt and soil. Therefore, it’s recommended that individuals begin with a cleaning agent before separately disinfecting.

Do I need Cleaning and Disinfecting Services?

A sanitary environment is a prerequisite for employee health, so it’s vital that the cleanliness of a facility is taken seriously. In most cases, the expertise and professionalism of a dedicated cleaning and disinfecting service results in a far greater result. If you have any further questions about these processes, require an office cleaning agency, or wish to inquire about any cleaning service in Australia, contact UVS Group for superior hygiene services.

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