Most of the time, our interaction with security personnel is brief. Whether or not we’re waving to a security guard or security offer doesn’t always cross our minds, but there is a few key differences. Their pursuits are the same: protection of an asset or person. However, the responsibilities and actions taken by guards and officers are quite distinct.

Some security companies often use the terms interchangeably, resulting in a little confusion about exactly what each job entails. However, both positions demand specific training. So, let’s look at precisely what each job entails.

What does a Security Guard do?

Security guards are often immobile, so you’ll observe them stationed at a post, most typically an entrance or gateway. They act as a deterrent to wrongdoers and a reassurance to others in the area. Other than reported any suspicious activity, a guard’s responsibilities are limited. One notable difference is, whether they’re working at a Sydney hotel or have been contracted for private event security in Melbourne, security guards are expected to interact with the public, thus they are often judged on this ability before being hiring.

What does a Security Officer do?

At the managerial level, security officers run the security operation, allocating duties and tasks to guards. The more mobile security officers will usually continue to monitor checkpoints throughout the day, to assess and receive any updates from guards. As a result of these extra responsibilities, security officers are required to have had further training and possess an excellent skill-set in security management. They are usually the ones who train security guards, so it’s imperative that they have adequate experience themselves.

What Security do I need?

A sophisticated plan will require both officer and guard, but smaller venues might simply look to security guards for hire. A security operation rests solely on the personnel, so it’s vital you find professional, skilled individuals. If you require any guidance, or want to enlist the best security officer services, particularly in the areas of Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, visit UVS Group for effective security solutions.