Site cleaners aren’t simply there to put out wet floor signs and make everything smell nice. They are the frontline defence against contamination and infection, a hugely important investment that keeps businesses safe and operational. Depending on your schedule, you may have seen cleaning professionals many times, but what exactly does a site cleaner do?

In order to understand what site cleaners do, we need to separate the most common scenarios for needing to utilise them. The two most typical applications are either commercial cleaning, from offices to healthcare facilities, or construction site cleaning. While both situations have a large crossover, there are some distinct duties for each.

Commercial Cleaning

When employed in this manner, site cleaners will regularly come in to disinfect and further sanitise the working area. In the example of the office, the crew will prioritise the wiping down of “touchpoints”, areas of high touch frequency, such as hand rails, door handles, public work surfaces, bathroom facilities and shared buttons/controls.

Site cleaning services adapt to the specific business or company requirements, so even jobs that require full PPE and sterilisation can be undertaken. In fact, a dedicated team of experts is almost always going to achieve a safer, more sanitary environment.

Construction Site Cleaning

In the many stages of construction, various groups of contractors will get to work, each potentially leaving some mess, whether that’s waste material or general soiling. For a well-kept, professional project, site cleaners regularly come in at each of these stages to ensure safe and hygienic working conditions, minimizing the risk of injury and illness.

On completion of a build, it’s especially vital to employ a construction site cleaning service to get everything spotless, including fixtures, walls, windows, baseboards, counters, appliances and furniture, and all else applicable. As this is the last opportunity to prepare everything for clients or new occupants, it’s a hugely crucial step and the best results will be provided by a skilled, professional crew.

Of course, site cleaners will also periodically clean any buildings like office spaces, subcontractor offices, and toilet facilities, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness for a more efficient and enjoyable work setting.

Why do I need a site cleaning service?

By employing such a service, you can be sure that the cleaners have been properly trained in the use of appropriate cleaning agents, based on materials and the required levels of sanitation for site regulations. You can rest assured that health risks are averted without any damage or blemishing to the hard work done by those that came before.

Additionally, it’s simply more convenience and painless to source a dedicated crew as you don’t need to worry about cleaning products and the incredible effort that goes into the rigorous cleaning of a construction site or the delicate disinfecting of commercial spaces.

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