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What are the Benefits of Labour Hire?

Labour hire, contracting people to work for you on a temporary basis, is a tool commonly used for projects that require manual labour, as well as those in need of highly-skilled technicians.

These services allow your business to outsource the cumbersome recruitment process, having the hands you need without committing to permanent staff.

The labour hire process offers a range of benefits, and here are the main points to consider:

Benefits of Labour Hire

1. Quickly Respond to Changing Demand

It’s not uncommon for a business to see sudden bursts in demand, though it is rather inconvenient if you don’t have the support you need. A key advantage of labour hiring is that you can scale up your business whenever without contractual obligations.

If you take on new full-time employees, your expenses will be much higher if demand ever drops again. Labour hire gives you the freedom to take on 15 workers for a construction project this month, but only 5 for the next, proving to be the most effective solution for dynamic businesses.

2. Reduced Recruitment Costs

Aside from being extremely time-consuming, recruiting can also be rather pricey. Labour hire providers typically work on a flat fee for the entire hiring process, which means you won’t have to spend time drafting up descriptions, advertising and conducting interviews.

You can seriously improve the profitability of your business by following more flexible practices of labour hire, allowing you to make easier calculations on your bottom line and focus on the aspects of running a company that actually make you money.

3. Take the Top Talent

Convenience is top priority for labour hire agencies, which of course extends to the calibre of worker you receive. Labour hiring lets you take the top talent from a larger pool of candidates. If you require highly skilled technicians, or industry experts otherwise, you have better access to the huge networks of applicants available for labour hire.

Your project may require numerous skills, qualifications and licenses, all of which you can specifically search for on a labour hire database. Not only does this guarantee you’ll have expert help, it also means your recruitment time is a fraction of what it would be with traditional job advertising.

4. Work Efficiently and Fast

The average time to hire is 63 days, according to Australian HR firm Orchard, though labour hire companies can source and send over workers in less than 24 hours. There simply isn’t a faster way of having skilled workers sent to your business than labour hiring.

You can say goodbye to countless wasted hours spent on placing ads, reading applications and interviewing a dozen candidate. Labour hire agencies ensure that all of their workers are properly screened, so you needn’t worry about employees failing to meet work standards.

With the long-winded parts of hiring outsourced, you can redirect your efforts to the actual job at hand. Fast labour hire is precisely that.

Get a Hold of the Benefits of Labour Hire

Now you know the key benefits of labour hire, it’s time to join the many Australian businesses saving time and money by outsourcing recruitment. Trust in an expert labour hire agency like UVS Group for the most convenient and efficient process.

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