How many types of security are there?

Most modern private security companies provide a full range of services, ensuring comprehensive protection for individual clients and for businesses. A myriad of companies offer their assistance for risk mitigation, loss prevention, territory monitoring and patrolling, and you can hire a security guard that possesses all required skills, knowledge, and abilities to be sure your defended object, area, and assets are in a good hand. Generally, there are four common types of security guards:

  • residential security for defending housing properties and ensuring peace of mind for homeowners;
  •  commercial guards for taking care of business property safety;
  •  event security for managing and optimizing security strategy for crowded events;
  • armed guards for dealing with the high-violence situation or threatening emergencies.

It should be noted that, usually, a hired security guard doesn’t carry a weapon. However, under certain circumstances, it is imperative to hire armed experts to perform specific tasks. 

What are the different types of security services?

Now, you have an idea about four key types of security guards. But what are the methods of providing these services? Let’s dive into details on two common tactics for delivering outstanding quality:

Alarm response service. The service includes the purchase and installation of the necessary equipment at a defended object. The alarm itself will not protect against the penetration. However, in the event of an intrusion, the alarm system will immediately notify the owner, the services providers, and the dispatcher at the control room. After the system is triggered, it becomes the responsibility of a mobile patrol security group to come to the site for the prevention of illegal actions and detaining the offender.

Static guarding. Manpower set in place allows arranging control of access points to the facilities, monitoring the surroundings, and promptly responding to emerging threats. Less likelihood of unlawful activity due to visual presence is guaranteed with these types of services.

Important! No matter which option you choose, customized security support must be carried out in strict accordance with the law and based on the unique requirements of a client.

What are the levels of security guards?

There are three key levels of security professionals training:

  • level II is the first step of learning basic security guarding practices;
  • level III guards have the same powers as the second one, but a potential candidate learn how to carry a weapon;
  • level IV refers to bodyguarding and personal protection.

Now, having a quick guide to the guarding industry, you can safely entrust your personal or commercial protection to security organizations.