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The Role Of K9 In Security

Effective security is multi-faceted, regardless of whether you’re protecting a business, household or event space. As part of many security strategies, it may be necessary to hire a K9 unit.

By making use of a guard dog’s superior senses, a security detail can observe an area far more effectively. Dedicated to the sole purpose of protection, canines and their handlers are simply unmatched in many ways.

What is K9 Security?

K9 security refers to a security unit that carries out their duties with canine assistance. Commonly known as ‘dog units,’ these security guards and their dogs can be used for one-off events – festivals, concerts, open events – or as part of a long-term security strategy, either for private properties or business settings.

The Advantages of K9 Security

There are many reasons for hiring canine security services. Those that do can see numerous advantages:

  • Heightened Senses: dogs can detect sounds four times the distance than humans, not to mention their incredible sense of smell. Handlers can leverage these abilities to better perform their responsibilities.
  • Cost-effective Solution: A security dog is far cheaper than an equivalent security officer, for a few reasons. A K9 security service will cover more ground, meaning you spend money more efficiently. Additionally, there’s lower insurance premiums when compared to armed guards.
  • Safe for the Public: The training required to become a security dog is intense, meaning that dangerous or unpredictable animals don’t qualify. K9 security companies supply dogs that are completely loyal to their handler. They will not act aggressively towards friendly members of the public, making them a viable option for many settings.

The Types of K9 Security

Just as there are many different kinds of security officers, K9 units operate in various ways. While numerous types of K9 security share similar roles and responsibilities, certain situations may call for a particular approach.

Manned K9 Security

Static security refers to individuals that are stationed at a checkpoint, which is often an entryway or area of vulnerability. These trained professionals act as visual deterrent. Adding K9 security further discourages intruders or wrongdoers.

After learning security dogs have a sense of hearing four times greater than humans, and that they can run up to 30mph (48kmph), trespassers will think twice. A highly-trained K9 unit is clear indication of a comprehensive security strategy, making it a highly effective method of threat prevention.

Manned K9 security is constantly alert, which is precisely what you need for crucial entryways and access points. While a security dog is a friendly face for law-abiding individuals passing through, they are an alarming presence for those with bad intentions.

Mobile K9 Patrol

Mobile security patrol involves a marked vehicle regularly visiting your site to perform perimeter checks, as well as interior inspection. This is typically done at regular intervals throughout the day, especially quieter times like evenings and weekends. A security service may choose to vary their schedule so there’s no pattern for burglars to recognize.

Mobile patrols react very quickly to alarms, though persistent criminals may not be deterred by this alone. However, when K9 security responds to a possible break-in, they take advantage of a security dog’s vastly superior senses of smell, sight and hearing to rapidly detect threats.

When time is of the essence, mobile K9 patrol is the best solution. There’s no outrunning a security dog, just as there’s no hiding from them. Those with high-value workshops or warehouses should consider mobile K9 security, particularly if those assets are left unattended or positioned in remote areas.

Detection Dogs

As mentioned, a security dog has a far greater sense of smell than its human companion. Not only that, K9 units are expertly trained to recognize a range of indicators. When combined, canine security can effectively sniff out drugs, firearms and even explosives.

While physical inspection is one means of screening for illegal substances or weapons, detection dogs often prove more versatile. They can either be stationed to process visitors passing a single point of access, or employed to scan wider areas on the move.

Criminals know that sneaking illicit items past dogs is impossible. A detection dog is a highly cost-effective means of keeping dangerous substances out, whilst simultaneously acting as a strong deterrent against other kind of troublemaking like violence and intruding.

Canine Crowd Control

Professional event security guards are trained to spot the smallest signs of trouble within a sea of moving bodies. However, our canine friends have even better motion sensitivity. Dogs see moving objects much better than stationary ones, so they are able to keep track of multiple offenders within the crowd.

K9 security services for crowd control reassures attendees, tracks unwelcome behaviour and decrease risk for accompanying security professionals, all at the same time. Whether it’s a public event, outdoor concert or large-scale gathering, canine units can depend on their finely tuned senses to easily spot disturbances.

Do I need to hire K9 Security?

When the situation calls for comprehensive solutions, there’s no alternative to K9 security services. Guard dogs are another facet of a security detail, widening the scope of protection with their specialist skills.

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