What are the 5 principles of patrolling?

Developing a strong security strategy for protecting your business, mitigating risks of robbery, break-ins, vandalism, and other unlawful actions, and ensuring a safe environment is imperative in the modern world where the crime rate is constantly growing. Security patrol services can become an integral part of the guarding tactic of valuable assets, property, and employees. And before investing in this type of assistance, let’s dive into details on the five most crucial principles of patrolling:

  • Planning: every patrol guard must be able to immediately come up with an efficient plan of action to respond to a particular issue. The planning phase also includes establishing an overall patrolling scheme based on the features of protected facilities, zones, property. A lack of planning will lead to poor security outcomes.
  • Reconnaissance: this principle implies a gathering of details and information for identifying the threat and the ways of its elimination.
  • Security: protection and perseverance in accomplishing security objectives despite difficulties are top priorities.
  • Control: it consists of discipline, compliance with the rules, and the ability to accumulate all resources for defeating the threat that the enemy (criminal) can carry;
  • Common sense: analytical skills are of high importance to be able to understand what a security patrol officer must and mustn’t do and act accordingly regardless of fear or discomfort.


What is the most effective method of patrol?

Only mobile security patrol services and fully equipped officers on vehicles specifically fitted for fulfilling the security mission can promptly react and deter any type of crime.

What is the aim of patrolling?

Maintenance of security on a designated area or of a specific object through a quick and competent response to incidents, emergencies, illegal events, deterring criminals from acting, and preventing the violation of law is considered the main goal of the services and a key duty of every security patrol officer. The professional guard must possess the necessary set of skills in order to be able to handle any threatening to life crisis and dangerous situation.

What is patrolling at night?

Night patrol crew is a pivotal component since crime levels are crazier after sunset. Being more vigilant at night means constant monitoring of the area and its surroundings and better visual effects of presence that can prevent offenders from acting.