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The Importance of Armed Security

In the majority of cases, security guards don’t need firearms to perform their jobs. This is because most scenarios don’t attract significant threat to merit the use of weaponry. However, there are certain situations that call for these more serious security measures, particularly those involved people of influence or high-value assets.

At times where professional guard services are necessary, those with the highest levels of risk must consider the importance of armed security. It’s not simply celebrities that hire security personnel, but wealthy individuals, business owners, and targets of media attention otherwise. In any case, here’s what you should know about the importance of armed security.

When are Armed Security Guards the Better Choice?

Armed security guards are superior in plenty of situations, which includes:

  • Businesses in High-crime Areas: Whilst plenty of businesses find that mobile patrol security is sufficient for protecting their premises, those situated in areas of higher crime rates can further protect themselves with the help of armed security services.
  • Financial Institutions: As the value of your assets increases, it’s more likely that criminals will take more violent actions. This is precisely why banks, lenders, and other financial institutions rely on the expert assistance of armed security, where their presence can literally be the difference between life and death.
  • Targets of Attention: It’s not only celebrities that can benefit from armed security, but anyone likely to attract greater attention. Key witnesses in high-profile cases, CEOs of influential companies, and organizational officials otherwise may find themselves under greater threat where more comprehensive security measures are needed.

There are various other individuals or collectives that use armed security. Find out how an armed security service applies to you by contacting a leading provider.

What Makes Armed Security Guards so Effective?

Australian gun law dictates that self-defence isn’t a “genuine reason” to own a firearm. Even if you could get a personal license for such a reason, it’s incredibly unlikely any civilian would carry the skills of a security professional with years of experience.

Armed security guards obviously have extensive training in the use of their firearms, but they also undergo programs for detecting the smallest signs of danger, as well as the varying ways of mitigated threats. Many of these experts are also trained in such things as first-aid, crowd control and K9 handling.

Some may also (wrongly) assume that an alarm system is sufficient to keep high-value residences or businesses safe. Whilst cameras, locks and alarms are clearly vital aspects of any security strategy, there is no greater deterrent than armed guards. Criminals fully understand that response will be rapid and consequences severe.

The Cost of Armed Security Guards

There are typically greater associated costs with armed guards, largely because they have higher levels of expertise and thus a wider scope of applications. As one of the more expensive security measures, many might question the need of armed security altogether.

If you’re thinking the same, you should also give thought to the consequences of not adequately protecting yourself, your residence, or your business. When exceptionally valuable assets are involved, many find that there’s simply no better means of protection than armed security guards.

Professional security services have actually never been more affordable or accessible, so contact a trusted provider to hear armed security expenses explained in more detail. 

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