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 Stay Safe, Stay Secure: Professional CCTV Installation

If a business is suffering to keep its premises safe and secure despite burglar alarms and security fences, it is time to consider closed-circuit television (CCTV) security. CCTV security is also a viable solution for homeowners worried about the safety of their families at home.

Why CCTV Surveillance?

The pros of CCTV surveillance include the following:

  1. A security surveillance camera can provide 24/7 surveillance.
  2. Well-placed CCTV cameras with constant power sources can survey specific areas such as entrance gates, outside doors, and windows continuously.
  3. The footage is sent to a monitor where security personnel can view the material live and act immediately.
  4. The video can also be saved for scrutinising purposes later.
  5. For homes, the video material can be sent live to the homeowner’s mobile phone or to the security agency the homeowner is using.

Some security surveillance cameras are installed to monitor only one location. It can, for instance, be fixed on the entrance gate and record all movement in the gate area. Other security cameras slowly move from side to side to monitor a larger area.

CCTV Cameras in Australia

DIY vs Professional Installation

A wide variety of national and international brands provide CCTV cameras in Australia. Any person can buy the components, including the camera, to install a CCTV system.

It is, however, recommended that DIY systems are only installed in private homes. There are legal aspects involved when CCTV cameras are installed in businesses or public places. Therefore, it is better to use a professional and licensed agency to provide a camera CCTV installation at a business site.

Power supply

An important requirement for any CCTV camera to keep your home or business safe and secure is a continuous power supply. Some cameras use electricity, while others use rechargeable batteries.

Solar cameras are becoming very popular. If the solar panel is connected to a rechargeable battery to keep the camera running during the night and even for a few consecutive rainy days the camera will keep on recording and transmitting. The home or business will still be safe and secure.


Nowadays, CCTV cameras and systems are becoming necessary tools to stay safe and secure at businesses and homes. They can be installed in homes by DIY enthusiasts, but it is recommended that a professional installer, such as the UVS Group, takes care of it. Registered agencies install the cameras in accordance with all the legal requirements.

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