What is a static guard?

Static security guardsrole is to protect the internal territory of a particular object or site, preventing crimes and enhancing safety. Conducting regular and thorough checks and being present in a set place 24/7, guards will ensure excellent protection. Since this job is versatile enough to be tailored to your specific needs, the list of duties may vary. But your business definitely requires constant monitoring and patrolling, which can be provided only by professionals. And while the main function is to detect illegal activity and prevent incidents from occurring, there is far more to the duties than just identifying potential threats, thefts, crimes, and offenses. Static guards must also be able to deal with emergencies and critical situations such as damages from fire or flood. The obligations may also include management of entry and egress points. Vandalism and trespassing elimination is also a priority task.

What is a static guard used for?

The importance of static security guards is quite high since a physical security presence at construction sites, premises, or even big crowded events can be much more effective than any other type of protection services. Here are the key missions of professionals, as usually, they have a multitude of roles and objectives:

  • your assets, equipment, property, and stock protection;
  • efficient conflict management and handling high-pressure situation;
  • ensuring a safer environment for your employees and clients;
  • vigilant monitoring of the area;
  • visual presence and quick response to the problem.

Guards are able to cope with crisis and intensive issues in a skillful and proficient manner, providing a sense of heightened security at a place. Thus, no business can thrive successfully without the support of guarding agencies.

What can you use instead of static guard assistance?

On-site security and prompt resolution of issues are quite vital for most businesses. A static guard plays a crucial role in responding to fire alerts and other accidents. It is unlikely to replace such a specialist with any other type of security service. However, you can strengthen your strategy by investing in CCTV surveillance, alarm and detection systems, and other developments and innovations in the security industry that can help with tracking and much more.