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 Security is simple

If one looks at home security nowadays, it can be said that it has become simple for the homeowner. This has been true since the development of closed-circuit television (CCTV). With a CCTV camera-based system it is easy and simple to survey and monitor the property and the movement of people on the property. It is even simpler for a homeowner who outsources it to a security agency near him who specialises in the installation, monitoring, and maintaining of CCTV cameras.

Comprehensive concept

Security has many definitions. This indicates that it is a comprehensive concept that includes various aspects such as maintaining homes and commercial locations safe, crowd control and even traffic controller hire Sydney. In this article, however, we’ll only look at keeping a home safe. This is an example of how simple it can be if the homeowner uses a home security service to install, monitor, and maintain a CCTV system.

The surveillance that CCTV offers, is not a replacement for “traditional” methods and devices, but is only one of the layers that helps to protect a home and its residents against theft, vandalism, and bodily harm.

Traditional methods and CCTV cameras

Usually, the traditional setup consists of electric fences, siren systems, electrical gates, safety doors, and windows with bars. The alarm and other devices, such as panic buttons, can also be linked with a home security service to respond when the alarm is triggered.

The advantage of adding CCTV cameras to a home is that they

  • provide 24/7 surveillance of a specific object, such as an entrance gate,
  • provide surveillance of a larger area, like the backyard of a home, by a camera that moves continuously from side to side,
  • provide information live to a monitor or mobile device, and
  • store the images and other information to be used later.

In practice, it means that the electric fences, gates and alarms still do what they have been installed for – to keep intruders outside the property. In addition, a CCTV system can warn the homeowner and agency via Wi-Fi about possible intruders moving around in the area. If the intruders are successful and enter the property, the cameras’ storage will assist in recognising the culprits.


If a homeowner outsources security to one of the Australian security agencies that install, monitor, and maintain CCTV systems, security becomes simple. This is also true for security needed anywhere by anyone. 

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