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 Safety First: Robust and secure CCTV cameras

Nowadays, most businesses in Australia use security surveillance and other security measures to put safety first for their employees and customers. More and more homeowners are also upgrading their security systems to ensure that their properties and families are always safe.

Why use cameras?

Surveillance is an important layer of security that helps to protect a business and home against theft and vandalism. A closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera is the ideal tool for surveillance, They

  • provide 24/7 surveillance of either a specific object, such as an entrance gate, or a larger area by a camera that moves continuously from side to side,
  • provide information live to a monitor or mobile device, and
  • store the images and time information to be scrutinised later.

Aspects to consider when installing a security system

When a CCTV camera is considered, aspects to take into account include the following:

Will the device be used indoors or outdoors?

Cameras designed for external installation can successfully be installed and used indoors as well, but it doesn’t work the other way around. A well-designed external closed-circuit-television device has to be robust and weatherproof to be effective in any weather condition.

Must the surveying camera be openly visible?

Apart from the obvious purpose of a CCTV camera of surveying a specific area and making videos of what is happening there, it is often specifically installed in such a way that it is visible. A visible device is in most instances a good deterrent to crime.

A criminal will think twice before committing a crime in an area obviously covered by a camera. Visible outdoor house CCTV cameras are often enough to scare potential intruders away.

In other instances, it is better to install the device as discreet and invisible as possible. This is done when you want criminals and, unfortunately, even staff members, to be caught in the act.

To put safety first at your home or business, it is recommended that outside cameras are placed to be seen easily.

Securing of CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras have to be installed in such a way that they cannot be vandalised or even stolen. Thus, they have to be placed where it is difficult to be reached by someone with the aim to cause damage. With this in mind, installers must secure CCTV cameras during the installation process so that they cannot be stolen or vandalised. Especially if installed outdoors, they should be robust and secure.

Best CCTV cameras

Usually, home and business security is outsourced to companies, such as the UVS Group, specialising in security services. They can advise on the best CCTV camera for home use and also recommend the overall CCTV best camera


Surveying and recording devices are some of the best ways to put safety first at a business or home. With the assistance of companies specialising in security services, the CCTV best cameras for specific use can be chosen.

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