What does a security guard do?

Patrolling, inspecting, and surveillance to ensure the security of commercial buildings, offices, and premises, preventing the action or crime of stealing, damaging, trespassing, or vandalism are the main duties and responsibilities of security guards. Hiring a company that specializes in guarding, businesses expect excellent protection, quick response to emergencies, the performance of constant checks. The competent and proficient experts who deliver security guard services should:

  • ensure peace of mind to every client;
  • strive to protect enterprises and valuable assets;
  • maintain the safety of a specific object and area near it.
  • looking out for suspicious behavior and activities;
  •  if necessary, to detain violators and burglars.

Commercial sectors are in need of high-performing, dedicated, and fully-equipped security guards with extensive experience who know how to act in critical situations.

What powers do security guards have?

There are rules that every guard must obey. Security personnel has no greater powers than an ordinary person and is able to carry out a citizen’s arrest only in case of witnessing an actual act of crime. Other obligations are to take legal measures to stop a person who wants to cause an injury to others or themselves, or in case of committing a crime, to avert a suspect from leaving the scene until police arrive. Generally, it should be remembered that guards have the same power as the general public and do not have the same authority as the police.

What is a good security guard?

Vigilant attention to details, outstanding physical shape, emotional stability, the ability to make timely decisions are just basic skills for a real pro. The job of a guard is one of the most responsible. Thus, the list of skills and qualification is much more longer:

Strong communication skills. The specialist in guarding must find the right approach in interaction with people to cope with a sticky or intense situation. Adequate written skills are also a must-have since it may be needed to prepare a documented report on the events that occurred during the shift. 

Stress managing. Obviously, some dangerous event may occur, so the expert must be emotionally ready to deal with the troubling situation and practice to stay calm and keep a cool head even in the most extreme circumstances.

Analytical skills and alertness. Avoidance of distractions and strong focusing on surroundings are essential to be able to properly evaluate the risk level, identify threats, and figure out the best ways to eliminate them.

Before hiring a guard, be sure that a candidate possesses these crucial skills and is capable of executing duties and protecting your business and property.