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Major Advantages Of Mobile Patrol Security

Whether your business needs security is typically a quick debate. However, the extent to which you need security, and which types to pick, takes a little longer. What’s the difference between security guards and officers? Do I need K9 security dogs? Most importantly, is static security or mobile patrol better for business?

We’ve got you covered with that last one. Here are 4 major advantages of hiring mobile patrol security services:

  1. Cover Multiple Areas

Static security guards offer great protection of a single location. However, a mobile patrol unit is exactly that, mobile. Whether on foot or in a vehicle, they can monitor multiple areas. By following rotations, they offer consistent security of many premises.
This doesn’t only involve physical inspection, but also key holding and CCTV monitoring, as well as dealing with emergencies, including alarm response and detaining offenders. The consistent rotations of security guard mobile patrol can offer a more versatile alternative without sacrificing protection.

  1. Element of Surprise

A stationed guard is fairly easy to keep track of; a wrongdoer may take advantage of this by slipping out of view. On the other hand, there is no telling when and where a mobile patrol unit will appear. This constant uncertainty is a powerful deterrent, and when the mobile patrol does arrive, it becomes a visual one, too.
The added bonus is that mobile security offers 24/7 protection, a significant factor for larger businesses or companies. At any moment, security can turn up, keeping the premises safe and secure around the clock.

  1. Future Security Strategy

When you enlist the services of mobile patrol security, rapid response to unlawful activity is what you may have in mind. However, a professional security team also works on future security strategies.
Using software and data insights, mobile patrol officers can assess how best to utilize their resources and implement the relevant strategies. Using these tools, a patrol unit can see if incidents are reported more frequently in certain areas, or are of a certain type, making threat mitigation planning vastly more effective.

  1. Cost Saving

When a business doesn’t have the budget for a permanent security guard, or team, mobile patrols are a more cost-effective solution. Though a security officer has a range of duties, you are free to select the precise services you most require thus saving costs.
Not all businesses require identical security services, so the freedom of choice afforded by mobile patrol officers is unmatched by other security options.

Final Thought on Mobile Patrol Security

The decision to go mobile with your security is entirely yours to make. If you do need any help determining which best suits your specific requirements, feel free to contact us 24/7.

Whatever your decision, UVS Group offers both on-site static and mobile patrol security services. We work closely with our clients to come up with most appropriate and cost effective solutions.

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