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Labour Hire In Sydney

There are a number of really good reasons you need the services of Sydney labour hire agencies. Regardless of your experience; labour hire management can be a trying process. Besides being time consuming, there are also a lot of tedious activities that you have to handle. Let us talk about why you need the services of a labour hire agency.

Labour Hire Sydney: How it Works

Labour hire companies in Sydney provide their clients (individual or other companies) temporary workers for projects. Usually, companies use Sydney labour hire agencies so they could make the employee recruitment process simpler, more efficient, or more productive.

This means that the labour hire agency takes on the role of the employer. Their tasks include filling the job requirement the right people. They conduct the search, the interviews, other recruitment activities, and send the workers directly to the company.

In exchange, the company pays the labour hire agency the agreed upon taxes, insurances, statutory charges, and miscellaneous fees. Basically, a company gets the skilled workforce it needs without having to recruit them themselves.

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Labour Hire Company Sydney: Why You Need One

Getting skilled workforce can be quite challenge for a number of reasons.
  1. Workforce Shortage – There is a shortage of qualified and reliable skilled workers in the city. Labour hire agencies have the networks and the strategies to find them for you.
  2. Vetting – Even if you do find someone who seems good enough, vetting them can be a long and arduous process. Finding good workers for your projects require checking each worker’s credentials and evaluating each worker’s knowledge and abilities. Labour hire agencies can do this for you. Because of their close working relationship with workers that they have already vetted; they can fill your job requirements right away.
  3. Employee Retention – Because of the shortage of skilled workers in Sydney, it is not only very difficult to find qualified workers. It is also easy to lose them to the competition. Keeping an employee is just as hard as hiring one. Labour hire agencies supply you with workers that they themselves have worked closely with. They understand what it takes to keep each individual worker.
  4. Human Resource Management – The day-to-day management of the workforce can be another long and arduous process. You will have to be on top of payroll, wellbeing, insurances, and lot of other paperwork. A labour hire agency can take care of this for you.
  5. Test Drive – Hiring employees from a Sydney labour hire agency is like test driving a car. You can see a worker’s skills and characteristics before deciding whether to offer them a full-time job or not. This way, you can get the best employees without the fear of getting stuck with a bad one.
  6. Flexibility – The Sydney construction market can be inconsistent. At any given time, you could be working on multiple projects or none at all. This means that sometimes you need a lot of workers, sometimes you have to downsize. Companies that have in-house workers may find it difficult to layoff employees. With a labour hire agency, you can hire any number of workers you need for projects without having to worry about laying people off or hiring them again.
Hiring in-house employees may be the status quo for construction projects. However, all the time-, resource-, and effort-consuming activities associated with recruiting workers is not sustainable and obviously inefficient. This is why you should work with a labour hire agency in Sydney. Labour hire agencies will help you get the necessary manpower hassle-free; providing you with the skilled workers you need to get the job done quickly.

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Use the form below to contact us with any questions or feedback you may have, or fill out the form for a quick quote and we’ll get back to you to discuss your options. We will endeavour to answer all enquiries within 12 to 24 hours.

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