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Labour Hire In Melbourne

Labour hire Melbourne, is it worth it? If you are a commercial, retail, and construction company, you have probably asked yourself this question. On one hand, recruiting and managing competent employees takes a lot of time and effort. On the other, there are obviously costs associated with working with labour hire companies in Melbourne.

Labour Hire Agencies Melbourne: What They Do

A labour hire agency act as an employer on your behalf. They take care of finding you the workers you need for your project. They interview them, vet them, take care of the paperwork, and send those who meet your criteria to you. This lets you focus on running the business.
In exchange for their services, a labour hire agency charges fees which include taxes, statutory fees, insurance, and other miscellaneous charges.
In a nutshell, for a fee, you can have the skilled manpower you need without going through the trouble of finding them yourself.

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Labour Hire Services Melbourne: The Challenge

Fact: Working with labour hire Melbourne agencies will increase your cost per employee.
Let us take this as an example. An agency can charge you $40 per hour per employee. If you recruit your own employees and pay each of them $30 per hour, you will save $10 per hour per employee.
This makes it seem like labour hire agencies are more expensive than they really are. This is just an illusion, though.
Here are just some of the reasons labour hire agencies are worth it for their fees.

Melbourne Labour Hire: The Benefits

  1. Flexibility – Labour hire agencies give you unmatched flexibility in workforce planning. Whether you have a big or a small project, you will have just the right number of people on site. Labour for hire in Melbourne gives you the ability to upsize or downsize your workforce whenever you need to.
  2. Instant Workforce – Recruitment takes up a lot of time and effort. You will have to post job ads, wait for someone to answer those ads, interview them, evaluate if they have the necessary skills to fulfil your project demands, check for references, do background checks, etc. Labour hire companies in Melbourne eliminate that whole process. They have the talent pool that has already been vetted and vouched for. Employees can start right away on your projects.
  3. Admin Help – Payroll, sick and holiday time, workforce management, scheduling, taking care of timesheets, tracking attendance, addressing employee grievances, and other administrative activities can be both tedious and challenging. Luckily, with a labour hire agency, you no longer have to do any of it. The agency takes care of all of the tedious but necessary admin tasks for you.
  4. Value for Money – Take the example above. Your company pays each of your directly hired employees $30. You pay a labour hire agency $40 for each employee. Based on the sticker price alone, you are paying $10 more if you use a labour hire agency. However, that is misleading. These agencies are doing so much more. If you add up all the services provided by a labour hire agency, you will find out that the value they bring to your company cost so much more than $10.
  5. Increased Productivity – Many studies have shown that multitasking is the enemy of productivity. As a manager, you need to be able to focus on your own managerial tasks and delegate the other processes to someone else. A labour hire agency will take care of some of the daily manpower activities; freeing you up for things that matter more.
At first, it might seem like using a labour hire agency in Melbourne drives up costs. However, if you really sum the real costs, you will realize that you are getting so much more value than what you are paying for. Additionally, you get a lot less headache. No longer do you have to worry about recruitment and workforce management. It is a worthwhile investment that is definitely worth it.

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