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Labour Hire In Brisbane

UVS Group is one of the largest companies in labour hire Brisbane construction market. As with all our services in Qld our clients expect the very best and most cost-effective solutions. In particular UVS Group is a labour hire company Brisbane construction clients tend to use due to our skilled and flexible workforce. Led by a management team with almost 50 years of combined experience in Brisbane labour hire, UVS Group is now well established as one of the leading labour hire agencies Brisbane construction market has on offer.

UVS Group is Australian owned with direct Qld local ownership. Unlike some other  Brisbane labour hire agencies UVS Group is built around principles and practises that make sure that all our personnel is directly employed by us and that labour hiring Brisbane branch is focused in prioritising of hiring local personnel for all jobs. This approach allows UVS Group to be in the leading roles for labour hire companies Brisbane construction industry trusts and uses. Ultimately our success in providing best labour hire services in Brisbane and Qld in general is underpinned by our experienced teams, and with local personal each of whom are experts in their fields. UVS Group is a national labour hire company, with strong operations across 4 states and with clear emphasis on Brisbane Labour Hire.

As part of our scope of works UVS Group offers a very wide range of services in the labour hiring Brisbane area as well as other Qld regional areas. We provide labour hire services in the following fields:

Types of Services

  • Civil Engineering
  • Building Construction
  • Trades & Services

Types of Projects

  • Major Qld Infrastructure Projects
  • Brisbane CBD Local Government Projects
  • State based Projects
  • Federal Projects in Qld

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As a competitive national business, we support and benefit our clients and employees by taking a local approach to contract staffing, labour hire, and recruitment services. Our Labour Hire Brisbane division has two separate branches
  1. Labour Hire Brisbane South
  2. Labour Hire Brisbane North
This separation in the Brisbane labour hire market allows us to focus specifically on local areas of operation and make sure that all our clientele is supplied with best local based candidates for their projects. At UVS Group we are constantly working to improve our productivity, support local communities, and operate across Australia’s and in particular Queensland’s many vital sectors of labour hire. Part of our success as a Labour hire company Brisbane clients tend to choose is our proven track record and strong emphasis on safety not only for our direct employees, but to everyone on any site where UVS Group is asked to undertake work. We take safety very seriously with OH&S advice and consultancy to all our vast Brisbane and Australian clientele. Our OH&S teams have almost 50 years of combined experience across a variety of construction industries, including commercial high-rise construction, civil construction, mining, and residential housing just to name a few. All our workers as well as our safety team members and management are experts in workplace health and safety including new Covid -19 protocols implemented across all construction sites in Qld. We are committed to driving change in your safety procedures and protocols and to make sure they reflect current requirements for all Brisbane labour hire markets. We work to add real value to your business and build you a reputation for being a company that takes safety seriously. This is one of the main factors that separates UVS Group from all other labour hire companies Brisbane has on offer. We aim to provide valuable guidance to all our clients by helping them mitigate risk and saving them money with safe but cost-effective labour hire policies. We will always be working closely with you and all our industry partners to provide everyone concerned a solid foundation of workplace health and safety knowledge for labour hire in Brisbane.

We have proven track record in providing reliable, affordable and competent security services that will not send your security guard hire cost through the roof.

UVS Group can organise various jobs in any city in Australia including, but not limited to, the following states:


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Use the form below to contact us with any questions or feedback you may have, or fill out the form for a quick quote and we’ll get back to you to discuss your options. We will endeavour to answer all enquiries within 12 to 24 hours.

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