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Key Things To Consider When Hiring Mobile Security Patrols

What is a mobile security patrol?

The main function of mobile patrols is to mitigate the risk and the probability of robbery, damage, vandalism, and unlawful action on commercial premises. If you strive to protect your business, this type of security service is a highly effective solution. The support of a proficient and skillful team of mobile security professionals can be really advantageous in many ways, allowing you to gain peace of mind and be sure that your assets, facilities, and business property are monitored and regular checks are held to deter theft and illegal activity.

What are the types of security patrol?

Anyone who wants to prevent harmful incidents from happening can opt for mobile security patrol services and choose among the following categories of patrolling:

  • Foot patrol. The group of patrol officers investigates the territory by walking to assure the safety of your business/construction site/commercial building, keeping the surroundings crime-free by enforcing laws.
  • Vehicle security patrol. Efficient loss and crime prevention and enhancing the safety of specified locations are possible only by ensuring regular visits. Rapid response to emergency events at your facility can be conducted by a competent vehicle and mobile security patrol.
  • Use of CCTV systems. Using CCTV systems, it is possible to continuously monitor the situation and promptly react to abnormal activity.
  • Alarm systems. A monitored alarm system with the response of a mobile patrol officer is a sound strategy to get excellent security support.
  • Observation posts. A static group of guards is responsible for patrolling a particular area and providing early warning.

How much does a security patrol cost?

The costs of hiring a patrol that will maintain security depend on many factors. It can be an increased level of risk, location of the premises that must be inspected regularly, or reputation and expertise of the company. Generally, the average cost is approximately $40-50 an hour.

What does a mobile patrol officer do?

The main duties of experts are to monitor surveillance equipment, prevent losses, promote a safe environment, detect dangerous situations, and respond to emergencies. If you are in search of a solid way to keep your business safe, consider choosing the services of the mobile security team.

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