What can security guards legally do?

Once you’ve decided to hire a security guard company for your business or private purposes, you must be aware of security guards’ responsibilities and more importantly their legal powers. The first thing to understand is that professional guards are not police officers, even if their key mission is almost the same – detect illegal actions, prevent crimes, cope with threats and emergencies. It must be remembered that a guard has the same rights and authority as the general public. So let’s briefly explore what experts from the best security guard companies can do:

Citizen’s arrest. The guard may arrest someone only in case if a person has committed an actual crime or a felony. But, it is only possible if a guard has witnessed unlawful actions. It is called a citizen’s arrest. And even if the guard is wearing a uniform while executing job tasks, the security expert can only detain the trespasser and immediately contact the police for taking care of criminal arrest.

Reasonable force. For maintaining a safe environment and defending property or people, a guard is allowed to use force to prevent violent crimes. However, such action must be fully justified.

Hold criminals for an unlimited amount of time. As mentioned above, a guard can detain people, if a felony was actually committed. But the time of keeping the criminal depends on the time length needed for police officers to arrive. It is prohibited to keep a person for an unreasonable amount of time.

Do security guards have any power?

The powers of guards employed by a security guard company are limited to the duties of protecting objects, facilities, premises, ensuring access to the territory, guarding the life and health of citizens, providing assistance to police and law enforcement representatives in maintaining law and order.

What are the main duties of a security guard?

The proficient agency must provide a wide range of security services to guarantee efficiency. If you have already signed an agreement with a security guard company, then you can be completely sure about the safety of your facility. None of the intruders or violators will get into the territory since the tasks of guards are to prevent any attempts to forcefully enter the protected area with the intention to cause harm or commit any other offense.