Which is the best guard dog?

There are different types of security services without which no business will thrive. Gaining peace of mind and making sure that your premises, assets, stocks are protected and potentially harmful situations can be instantly resolved without losses are possible through hiring guard dog security. Let’s explore the best breeds that will perform their searching, detecting, or rescuing duties and can become indispensable assistants for handler officers, helping to efficiently prevent offenses.

  • German shepherd. This kind is an effective part of the guard dog security group since dogs always stay calm under pressure. Trainable canine cops are bold, courageous, athletic, and can perfectly follow the commands. The German shepherd is a good mix of intelligence and confidence that are valued in guarding and patrolling work.
  • Belgian Malinois. Highly intelligent Malinois are really loyal and committed to their owners. Having a strong protective instinct, the dog is considered the best police breed. They are very alert, energetic, great runners, and can easily put themselves in dangerous and threatening situations.
  • Rottweilers. These dogs are friendly with those they know. However, they are extremely cautious about unknown people, and this trait makes them outstanding guards. Rottweilers are also fearless, faithful, and protective. Their physical qualities, lifespan, size, strength, just as mental attributes and intellect, are enough to perform their tasks of guarding and protecting.
  • Doberman Pincher. Superior guard dog security services are possible to provide with the assistance of Doberman. This super-fast, energetic, brave, watchful, and smart breed is really capable of performing many different jobs and roles.

Can a guard dog be friendly?

While breeds that were trained to execute guarding tasks are friendly, peaceful, and obedient, it’s still recommended not to leave such a dog unsupervised. However, with large and trained breeds and proficient guard dog security, your business objects and premises will be fully protected from unlawful actions.

What is the difference between a guard dog and a protection dog?

Guard dogs having been taught to proceed and carry out the job without commands, to alert their owners, and act independently if required. Protection dogs are trained differently to be able to defend families from potential threats and act only by command.

What does a guard dog do? 

Guard dogs are meant to patrol and protect a designated territory, typically commercial objects. The canine partners help handler officers to maintain law, protect facilities, prevent crimes, and enhance security. Probably, it is the most solid and efficient security strategy to reduce risks and cope with emergencies.