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Four Reasons for your Business to use Labour Hire

Your business is dynamic, constantly adapting to the changes in your strategy, locality and industry. As an increasing number of Australian businesses are learning, labour hire services streamline the day-to-day running of things, leaving higher-ups able to allocate their efforts to more influential success factors  

Because the workers supplied to your business are employees of the labour hire agency, you aren’t responsible for anything like payroll, insurance and tax. Instead, you can outsource all of that hardship to the labour hire company.

Aside from the brilliant convenience of an agency, there are a few other reasons for your business to use labour hire:

1. Scale Up, Scale Down

It’s natural for a business to experience highs and lows in demand, but that doesn’t make it any less inconvenient when trying to manage your workforce. Even with the best of plans, you can find yourself short-staffed and unable to meet deadlines. In order to expand, you might take on more full-time employees, which could actually leave you over-staffed when demand begins to fall again.

Using labour hire companies allows a business to scale up and down freely, eliminating the stress of not satisfying increased demand. At the same time, you remain unencumbered by the incessant paperwork of repeatedly hiring and firing, as there’s no obligation to keep on supplied workers. As a result, businesses find that day labour hire for a day the most cost-effective solution for keeping up with fluctuating demand.

2. Skilled Workers Sent Direct

Using a labour hire agency means that you pick from a greater pool of candidates, but also that any helping hands are pre-screened and hold relevant skills for your business. You will be sent the most qualified candidates without the fuss of putting out job ads and arranging a dozen interviews. If for some reason you feel a worker isn’t the right fit, a labour hire system allows you the freedom to replace them.

As the range of skills, qualifications and licenses available is vast, workers can be sourced remarkably quickly. Australian HR firm Orchard says that the average time to hire is 63 days, whilst labour hire companies typically provide workers in less than 24 hours. There’s no faster way to get skilled workers sent directly to your business.

3. Save Time and Money

The hiring process is famously long-winded, which is irritating when you just want to find an appropriate replacement as soon as possible. Placing ads, reading applications, arranging interviews and training new employees isn’t particularly exciting, so why not just skip the entire ordeal by using a labour hire service?

Agencies typically ask a flat fee to do the entire hiring process for you, meaning you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business that actually drive success. Labour hire services free your company from the recruitment process, which includes factors such as payroll, benefits and tax deduction.

4. Eliminates Many Stresses of Business

It’s practically impossible to predict the extent to which a business will grow, or the rate of that expansion. A business can prematurely hire too many workers just as easily as they might wait too long to hire the number needed to support development. Labour hire for a day is effectively your safety net, supplying workers exactly when you need them, and no longer.

With all of the administrative tasks taken care of, business owners eliminate a great deal of stress. As the worker is an employee of the agency, all of the paperwork is done on their end. At the same time, labour hire companies can provide workers within a day, relying on up-to-date recruitment tools and knowledge of best work practices.

Get Down to Business with Labour Hire

A growing number of Australian companies are choosing to outsource many of their recruitment responsibilities in order to save great deals of time and money. If you’re looking to become one, contact a trusted labour hire agency like UVS Group.

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