As recorded by the Australian government, there are over 1.1 million employees currently working in construction. Sourcable reports of a $243 billion estimate on opportunities in the Australian Construction sector, bringing 50,000 more workers with it. When running a construction company, good labour practices are the key to success, so here are the benefits of using labour hire.

Easy Hiring

Creating the job post, waiting for responses and interviewing the wave of applicants to filter them down are all steps that take significant time. One of the core principles of a labour company is that those processes have already been taken care of. OK, you will need to provide a job description and a start date, but soon after you will receive a quality worker, arriving on the site exactly when you need them.

Quality, Specialised Work

By virtue of going through a labour agency, businesses can rest assured that workers have undergone a comprehensive screening process. This can include interviews, reference checks, background checks, medical assessment, and alcohol or drug screenings.

The job description that you provide to an agency is considered against the specific experience and qualifications of prospective workers, so that the best fit (from a good bunch) is found. This reduces the stress and time-waste of dealing with unskilled, temporary workers. Equally, construction labour hire makes finding a specialist vastly easier. The agency will have an extensive database of their most qualified workers, and are able to effectively search by the specific skills you require.

Save Money

A full-time employee is a hefty purchase for a construction company, when you consider taxation, sick and annual leave, training costs and various compensations. While crucial staff members remain on the books, labour hire construction workers are used as required, so construction companies can avoid unnecessary employment costs.

Versatility of your Business

In the busy, changeable realm of construction, project timelines and work hours can often go up in the air. Having the best labour hire practices mean that businesses can keep their deadlines by filling their required man-hours. At the same time, when workload is low, the labour hire process allows companies to reduce their numbers. This service maximizes the versatility of your business, resulting in a more efficient and lucrative construction.

If you are actively searching for construction labour hire in Australia, or you have any further questions surrounding the matter, get in touch with UVS Group for expert guidance and assistance.