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5 Reasons Why You Need Construction Site Security

There’s a lot to consider on a construction site, involving resources, equipment, labour and transportation. There’s associated risk with all the various elements of a worksite, though many of them can be mitigated with an appropriate security strategy.

Security professionals work not only to reduce the possibility of theft or trespassing, but also to improve the general safety of an otherwise hazardous workspace. In the eyes of a construction site guard, ensuring the welfare of employees and visitors is just as important as protecting valuable property.

Here are 5 reasons why you need construction site security:

1. Deter Property Theft or Damage

According to AISC, the Australian construction industry produces $360 billion in annual revenue, so it’s no surprise that worksites are full of extremely valuable equipment. The presence of specialist tools and high-tech machinery makes worksites very attractive for thieves.

Construction site security guards deter devious trespassing, which reduces the risk of property theft and vandalism. Moving equipment and resources to a secure location after the work day isn’t always viable, so construction site security is your principal defense against criminal activity.

2. Maintain Worksite Safety

Security professionals within construction are typically trained in other areas valuable to a worksite safety, namely risk assessment and first aid. Security officers detect hazards and dangers and advise accordingly. In the unfortunate event of a serious accident, construction security guards provide vital assistance before medical assistance can arrive.

At the same time, the presence of a security guard can reduce your liability by acting as a witness to accidents or injuries. When you and your company are not at fault, the testimony of a construction site guard could save you from the huge expenses of an injury lawsuit.  

3. Resolve Site Conflict

On a busy, noisy worksite, it’s not unthinkable that arguments might occasionally break out between workers. When you invest in a building site security guard, they can defuse tense situations, which keeps employees and equipment safe.

Just like accidents and injuries, a security guard will act as a witness to any conflict, thus limiting your liability. In fact, many insurers offer discounts on their premiums providing you have construction site security in place.

4. Prevent Unauthorized Access

From employees and contractors to inspectors and architects, construction sites can have numerous visitors on any given day. One of the many responsibilities of a construction sitesecurity officer is to monitor who is on the premises.

Having manned security at entrance and exit points will safeguard against trespassers or authorized access otherwise. Visitors refused entrance to the site are unlikely to escalate the situation in the presence of calm security officials.

5. ReducedCosts

Generally, the benefits of construction site security heavily outweigh the costs. For instance, the National Equipment Register (NER) estimates that construction theft worldwide costs between $300 million and $1 billion each year. Without security in place, your site is at risk of adding to that statistic.

Meanwhile, the average cost per case on construction injuries is $27,000 USD, as reported by the US Bureau of Labor. While accidents and burglaries aren’t guaranteed, their likelihood is drastically increased without the proper preventative measures, of which site security is a key player.

Productive Atmosphere

With reference to all of the previous points, it’s also useful to note that construction site security guards contribute towards a professional and productive site atmosphere. Workers have faith in the safety protocols, whilst any delays caused by theft, vandalism or conflict are minimized.

Construction sites vary greatly in terms of size and scope, so it’s best to get in touch with a specialist security company in order to come up with the best security strategy for a specific worksite.

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